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    Romeo 2

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    Will be interested to see how they perform in independent drop tests as compared to their own ďtestsĒ. I like the idea behind the full shroud. Iím guessing these wonít be in the wild until this time next year. Iíd be lying if I didnít admit I was surprised they didnít create a whole new footprint and require yet another slide cut to accept it.

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    The Romeo 2 in that video looks a little different than the Romeo 2 that was displayed at SHOT 2019.

    I like the built-in rear sight, but the coolest feature to me is the option to have open or closed emitter. Great idea.

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    Yeah they look quite a bit different. I remember it being rubberized in 2019. Seems like they decided to wait and go with the multiple shroud options after seeing the desire for an enclosed emitter. The full shroud actually looks half decent too aesthetics wise.

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    The Electro Optics guy told me they'll formally debut it at NRA this year. The housing was substantially beefier than the Romeo 1 Pro. They claim it'll survive a drop on the optic from 5', loaded, onto concrete. Aaron Cowan will undoubtedly put that to the test. I, also, liked the idea of the closed emitter option.

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