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Thread: P320 Wilson Combat Grip Module

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    I'm looking forward to trying a compact version on my 250c's.
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    I received my 320-CST (carry, standard, tan) Grip Module for my M17 (no manual safety) today. My hands are at best Medium sized and although the original M17 grip felt ok, albeit a but slippery, I always considered it a bit round for my taste. The Wilson grip definitely doesn’t exhibit the same round, kinda fat feeling, and is definitely more comfortable and grippy. I’m getting a slightly higher grip, which is appreciated.
    The M17 module measures approximately 1.345” wide where the Wilson measures 1.21”.
    Front to rear, at about half-way up the grip on the M17 module measures 2.80” where the Wilson module measures 2.5”.
    The M17 module is approximately 4.455” tall, the Wilson is approximately 4.235”.
    Magazine well opening on the M17 is approximately.91” and the Wilson is approximately 1.60”.

    Overall, the Wilson feels much better in my hand.

    And FWIW, I am also experiencing the trigger reset issue... not happy about that, but let’s see what happens when I live fire it..
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    You must modify the base pads on the stock 320 magazines for them to work.
    Not much of a job just remove the humps on both sides of the baseplate.
    They will still work in a stock grip module when modified.

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    I also installed my M17 fcu on a Wilson frame for the manual safety. I love the feel of it and prefer it to the stock frame and an x carry grip I had modified to fit the safety. I can get a higher grip and better perceived traction. I haven’t live fired it yet. I have had a few sessions practicing reloads and the magwell on the Wilson frame feels more forgiving than the x carry frame. I was experiencing the trigger reset issue yesterday. The Wilson grip kind of renewed my interest in my m17 so today I installed a flat face “hard duty use” trigger. Since installation the trigger reset issue is gone (and I really prefer the feel of the flat faced trigger). For installation I removed and reinstalled the trigger bar. I am assuming the trigger bar went back together with the fcu slightly tighter with the new trigger or the fcu wasn’t fully seated initially. Either way, for those of us experiencing the trigger reset issue, it might be worth taking the fcu out, checking the trigger bar, and reinstalling.

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    Put @ 200 rounds through mine issues with unintended slide lock/release activation or trigger reset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gratefuldiver View Post
    Just to clarify when they say "any X-Series" Im assuming they mean any 17 round mag that doesn't have the tabs on each side that go into the cutout on the grip module and say Sig Sauer on the pad of say a standard compact model? Sorry there are so many variables with Sig
    Besides "Sig" versus "Sig Sauer" the easiest way to distinguish between the Gen 1 base plates and the Gen 2 base plates is the round versus rectangular takedown hole. The older mags use a round cut and will not work with X frames unless you modify them. The newer base plates are available on-line for ~$9.00 a piece.
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    I received my Wilson grip module today and tried it out this evening. While I like the build quality and features I didn’t like it better than the size Small Sig grip modules I changed all my 320 pistols to a couple weeks ago. The Wilson grip module is smaller than the Medium sized Sig grip but the Sig Small seems smaller than the Wilson and seems to fit my hand better.

    I liked the front and back strap texturing on the Wilson grip better than the Sigs but don’t care for the side textures as well. I also found the bottom of the Wilson grip back strap pressed into the bottom of my palm in an uncomfortable manner. Not sure why that was the case.

    Overall I think the Wilson grip modules are really nice and will work great for a lot of people. Just not for me sadly. I will say they are priced right however and I Hope Wilson keeps making more interesting 320 stuff. If you are thinking about one, try it out. Wilson has a great return policy.

    I don’t have a lot of love for Sig, as a company, but I’m growing to love the 320 platform. Finding a good striker fired gun with a manual safety has been a challenge for me. I thought Glock was finally going to hook me up with the G19X they entered in the military trials but then they removed the MS when they released the civilian model. Damn you Gaston! LOL!
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    Got my grip module today. It looks great and was actually one of the only grip module I could find that has the cutout for manual safety fcu I just got. Look forward to trying it out tomorrow.

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    I handled two pistols at the range today with the Wilson grip modules. I don't own a P320 and my recollection of handling one in a gun store several years ago was that the grip seemed to chunky. If that really was a problem, the Wilson grip completely fixed it. Unfortunately I didn't get to shoot either pistol, but I was quite impressed after just handling them (for whatever that's worth). The pistols felt very slim in hand--almost slim enough to be a single stack. The minor negative for me was that the undercut moves my middle finger up enough that I have to extend my middle finger to actuate the mag release. This is also an issue for me with Beretta 92 pistols and not a big deal.

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    Interesting data point from my guy who bought the Wilson. After two or three days of open, uniform carry, he had to go after the rear stipling with a piece of sandpaper and tone it down. It did not play well with normal life and seemed to snag on everything.
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