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Thread: Week 357: Three-Fifty-Seven

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    Week 357: Three-Fifty-Seven

    Week 357: Three-Fifty-Seven

    Results may be posted until March 2nd, 2020.

    Designed by: Chris Edwards
    Range: 25 or 50 yards - see below
    Target: Any full silhouette target
    Par time: 3 seconds
    Start position: Gun in hand, shooter in position of choice - see below
    Rounds fired: 6

    Comments from the designer:

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Edwards
    Drill scenario is you have adversary at 50 yards, who is not aware of your presence (think active murderer in parking lot). Get the hit; in all reports, usually makes a difference.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Edwards
    This can be both a drill or a test. As a drill, you are working towards 100% hits, a minimum of 6 times-yes, it can be done with a snub/subcompact. I designed it to test the outer limits of pistolcraft...a steel silhouette is preferred, but not mandatory.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Edwards
    Revolvers can be cocked after the beep, from a safe ready(muzzle downrange).
    As you can see from the above comments, this drill/test was designed to address taking long distance shots with a small gun, though a small gun isn't required to participate in this Drill of the Week. It is scored Pass/Fail. To Pass, you must make six consecutive hits somewhere on the silhouette, each shot under the par time.

    The shooter starts with gun in hand, sightline under target, and can already be in shooting position of choice (standing, kneeling, prone, etc.)

    If shooting at 50 yards: At the start signal, fire one shot under the par time. Repeat until you have fired six total rounds.

    If shooting at 25 yards: At the start signal, fire two shots under the par time. Repeat until you have fired six total rounds.

    Optional variation: For added challenge, start standing and at the start signal, draw from the holster and get into whatever shooting position is being used. Use a 5-second par time for this variation. All other details remain the same (one shot per string if shooting at 50 yards, two shots per string if shooting at 25 yards.)

    Please report the following when you post your results in this thread:

    Handgun used
    Distance (25 or 50 yards)
    Shooting position used
    Number of consecutive hits
    Pass or Fail
    Anything you noticed

    Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.
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    Shot this one twice. It was my warm up.
    From 50 yards.
    Fist with the 92 compact, then M9.
    Standing, square to the target.

    92 compact
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    M9 - barely passed, had that one wing shot in the shoulder.
    Name:  so9JstMl.jpg
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    Times with the 92 were all under 2 seconds, most were right around 2 seconds the second time around.
    After the rest of my shooting was done, decided to try this a third time to see how it would compare. Took a hair more time on the first couple shots, in the mid 2 second range, last three in the mid 1 sec.

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    50 yards
    Standing, Isoscoles

    Avg. Time 2.30, longest 2.92

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    Just loaded 500 X-Treme 124gr plated HPs over 4.2gr of Titegroup, and I've been very happy with the accuracy, in multiple guns. Only warmup was two rounds to a blank cardboard, just to confirm POA/POI that far out. Surprisingly, it was dead on. This load is a keeper. Sages Reloading Supply is awesome!

    I run an Ameriglo bold orange square/tritium up front, with a steel factory rear. This has become my preferred setup on multiple guns. Fast and easy to "pick up", in all light conditions.

    I can't remember the last time I shot any pistol at 50 yards, I'm frankly surprised this worked out. I should try this more often.
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    Glock Gen5 19MOS w/Aimpoint ACRO&TLR7A out of a Tenicor ARX LUX. 147gr. fmjfn (Winchester) ammo. Draws were unconcealed.
    25 and 50 yards; we have a big city PD range close by which has steel. I don’t know the mfg. of the particular target, but I would describe it as a “mini IPSC/IDPA”(C zone width) with a small triangle that swings in the head and about a 4x6 swinger center.
    I began at 50 yards, dry fired on the timer a couple of times, and shot 6 for 6. Moved to 25 yards, 2 shots from the draw: 6 for 6. Times @50 were around 2 seconds and a little change; 25 yards-just over 2.5. I shot and cleaned each distance 3 times. For sentimental reasons, I did a couple of draws at 50 on the timer and hit(!) in just over 2.5 seconds. That was very gratifying, as I had done that drill @Gunsite years ago with a G21; quit while I was ahead.
    I noted hits a little low on the silhouette at 50, but they would have caused indigestion!
    This is a “trigger patience” drill; there is time, so work the trigger mindfully. The ACRO helps too!
    Thanks for the drill.
    Edit to add: shooting position-standing, freestyle.

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    Tried it at 25. Beretta PX4CC. No trouble making the times but without my new contact lenses I had a lot of trouble discerning the outline of a QIT. Still managed 5/6. Try it again sometime when I can see.

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    Two GLOCKs: a G45MOS and a G19MOS, both with ACROs mounted.
    Start position was a “high ready”: standing, two hands on pistol, muzzle slightly elevated in front(I could see muzzle, front sight in peripheral vision @50).25 yards from holster.
    Draws on two shot strings from 25 unconcealed, out of a JM OWB2.
    Two runs apiece at each range, on a steel silhouette=“PASS” on all. I then did one set each pistol with the backup irons: pass, 6 for 6. Finished @50, with single shots from the holster, each gun, high 2 seconds, all hits.
    Times under two seconds from 50-1.7-.9 with the G45. Just a couple of tenths over 2 seconds with 19, these with ACRO.
    The iron sights were in the high twos at 50. The ACROS let one focus on trigger manipulation. I think the slightly larger full frame gives a bit better indexing. Be that as it may, RDS are “legal cheating”, as observed decades ago when Enos, Koenig and others started to win practical shooting contests with can sized sights mounted above open guns.
    To paraphrase Clint Smith, I’ll cheat if it helps!
    Thanks for the drill.
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    Drill 357 and nobody has shot it with a 357 Magnum revolver yet???? Come on people. Get with it. This drill looks like a piece of cake with a good revolver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Nesbitt View Post
    Drill 357 and nobody has shot it with a 357 Magnum revolver yet???? Come on people. Get with it. This drill looks like a piece of cake with a good revolver.
    You have the weekend, sir!
    “Back in the day”, my 66/686/27 would be done n there. Hell, I might even have shot the 686 DAO!
    I will look forward to your report...

    I will say I’m mildly curious why more don’t “hit” the drill of the week...

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    Handgun used - 43x
    Distance 50 yards
    Standing concealed, standing concealed, standing low ready
    Number of consecutive hits 2-2-5
    Fail, fail, fail
    Anything you noticed

    This was a lot of fun.

    I shot this three times on a steel silhouette. The first two times from concealed with my carry pistol. I have no idea why but I was breaking the shot way too fast but I felt like I was making good trigger presses. Finally figured out that I was missing high over the target. The third attempt started low ready and focused on getting the sights on the lower half of the target. Missed the first shot and made the next five. I need to do some bench rest testing and figure out where my sights are hitting at that distance.

    I tired this once from concealed with my TRP. Felt like cheating after the 43x but I still didn’t get 6 hits in a row.
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