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Thread: What are the "best" pistol cleaning products?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    And ARs. And bolt guns. And gun bags soaked in gun oil.
    It's like Franks' Red Hot

    I put that shit on everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irelander View Post
    I know that I should probably know this, but what areas on a pistol need grease?
    The sear and the slide rails

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    Quote Originally Posted by vcdgrips View Post
    Having said that, presuming you were shooting jacketed bullets, you could probably wipe off your gun with a slightly damp paper towel, wipe the ramp/chamber and breech face with a bit more vigor, and generously lube the rails, barrel, link etc with virtually any oil to include cooking oil and wipe down with the same and be just fine.
    This is pretty much my cleaning routine...

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    Let's see. I shoot a match once a month, or the square range. I shoot Handguns only; Glocks and a Ruger LCR as a BUG. Generally clean after each session, unless it's less than a hundred rounds. For a long class with 600-700 rounds a day, that night, no matter how tired I am. I'm pretty fastidious about my carry gun.

    CLP is a mix of Hoppe's or whatever free sample I picked up lately. Lube is Slip 2000 EWL. Sometimes Mobil 1 in a pinch lol. Maybe a teeny bit of grease on the connector to trigger bar. I do have a couple small 2oz needle oiler bottles I ordered that are pretty handy. Procedure is per manual.

    I have a motley collection of old towels cast off from SWMBO, a cleaning rod, a brass jag, a patch holder, set of Tipton brushes and picks, and a buncha 2x2 cotton squares I buy by the bag at Amazon. I like the picks with a cotton square wrapped around, to pick out the rails and ejector. (I don't have much BTF on my Glocks but prefer it clean.)

    Every once in a while I will take the Glocks completely apart, blow the frame out with non-chlorinated brake cleaner over a 5 gal bucket, clean the innards, then put it all back together, lube and assemble. But usually just a basic field strip and clean, normally, which takes five minutes at the most.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nephrology View Post
    I like Hoppes #9 for bore solvent
    I tried to get my wife to dab a little behind her ears.
    Shit, wait, this is a technical forum...

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    I like

    It cleans, lubricates, and protects.
    Smell good too - like citrus.
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    Breakfree CLP, Liberty Gun Lube, or Weaponshield. I also have some white lithium grease, but I rarely use it.

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    Sonic Cleaner with Ballistol Milk

    I use a sonic cleaner with Ballistol 10% and water 90%. Some times use Honady One Shot. But will take a bottle of the Balistol Milk and dip the gun in a tub with it or use a spay bottle.

    Leaves a very fine Super Slick coating that does not harden. Also leaves magazines very slick. Some say too slick or slippery. Another reason I like modular guns. So easy to clean trigger parts etc.

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    Oh yeah, range guns don't get cleaned any sooner than 1K rounds since last cleaning. If I cleaned every 100 - 200 rounds, I'd be cleaning every single day almost.

    CCW guns get cleaned a lot more often but not after every use.

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    Bore snake
    Lucas oil
    Lucas grease
    Lucas Contact gleaner
    Paper towel
    Compressed air
    Likes pretty much everything in every caliber.

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