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Thread: Need an “old school” fixed blade

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    There's the Joe Watson Good Sport. Classic lines, modern materials and very handy.

    Basic one here:

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    Or the Watson Hunter, which to my eyes is just the bigger version of the same knife:

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    You can find fancier versions at Monkey Edge:
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    Give a look. They make great looking blades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropy View Post
    Wow. That was quick. Thanks.

    Yeah...that Dozer is what the exceedingly small file in my brain is thinking.

    Keep ‘em coming!

    Bob makes great stuff. I bought my brother a Dozier in D2. It was about a 7" blade, if I had to guess. It went straight into his outdoor pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elkhitman View Post
    Give a look. They make great looking blades.
    That may prove to be an expensive link to click on. Good looking knives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crawls View Post
    That may prove to be an expensive link to click on. Good looking knives.
    Yeah, there are so many awesome knife makers out there. Barbershop customs and Badger blades are on my list.

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    Ragweed Forge is great. After Ragnar died a couple of years ago, I was afraid the site would disappear but it looks like his family is carrying on.

    Any Mora knife is a terrific daily general purpose knife that is classic, but incredibly inexpensive. I have a bunch of them, and I give them as gifts to people all the time.

    The Basic 511 is a modern take on the traditional knife and is a steal at $8

    The All Around is my favorite. The only bummer is that they use to make them in different color handles and now it is only available in black.

    For old school, get the Classic #1

    Another useful blade that is very traditional is the Finish Lynx puukko

    The other one that rarely gets much publicity but is a great knife is the Canadian Belt Knife. The one thing it does better than almost any other utility blade is that it works really well as a camp blade, i.e. one you use to slice food or spread butter on bread, as well as all the classic outdoorsy stuff that a knife has to do.

    And any Joe Watson knife kicks ass.
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    Thanks for all the ideas and links. I might just get two. One less expensive, and perhaps a Dozer as well. I found one at of all places the Fjall Räven store at the MoA, but travel made it unacceptable for cash and carry and I didn’t want to ship. There’s a plethora of great looking knives out there however...

    Thanks again all
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    Quote Originally Posted by entropy View Post
    Not a knife guy. I own a few Spydercos, a little Böker, and my EDC which is a CRKT Ignitor-T I’ve carried for probably 10yrs now.

    I read the Field Knife thread, but am looking for something a bit more classic (or classic styled) that would both be utilitarian, and also blend well with a six gun and lever rifle. I have ZERO ideas where to start looking. Like stated, unlike firearms, knives for me have always been typically whatever I stumble onto at the hardware store. Use is for general camp style and field tasks.

    Let the suggestions fly!

    Thank you.

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