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Thread: Coronavirus thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevolverRob View Post
    There is no way of knowing at this point where the dust will settle. We're very much in the uphill portion of this disease.

    I think folks need to hear/read this in big bold letters so here goes:

    We are not going to return to "normal" for months, years, perhaps even decades. We are in the midst of a long-term, life and culture altering event, similar to a World War or 9/11 for the younger generations. A new normal will be established and we will eventually recover. However, before that many more people will get sick and more people will die.

    All Americans should begin to recognize and come to terms with a radically altered landscape the likes of which we haven't seen in the continental United States since the Civil War. There is no 'going back', while this is not a wholly existential threat for our nation and our people it is an existential threat for many individual Americans. To that end, we must work together while we simultaneously maintain our distance. We must support our healthcare workers, biomedical workers, and scientists to the extreme. We MUST recognize that our world today is vastly different from the one that existed 3-months ago. And that in 3-months it will be vastly different again.

    We must be patient and we must be strong in the face of the unknown, we must not fear it. The American people are resilient, strong, adaptable, and amazing. We will survive and we will thrive. We must work towards those goals, and though I know many are scared, terrified, afraid, we must never cease in achieving these goals. Each individual here and around our country needs to embrace this adversity. Allow it to shape them, make them stronger, make them more resilient. There will be more tests in our future and more threats to come. To that end, I call on each of you to help your neighbors, your fellow man, and yourselves. Together, we will endure.
    LOL what a crock of shit

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    Get a grip on yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha Sierra View Post
    LOL what a crock of shit

    Forum award: drama queen

    Get a grip on yourself
    I'm so tired of being patient with you and hoping you won't be an asshole. I tried. Enjoy read-only status.

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    I'm kind of curious what is going to happen to the "curve" once all the Tide-Pod eating fuck heads partying it up on spring break disburse and return home.
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    Re: “when will things get back to normal?”

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    This is the “takeaway” table (for the USA) from the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team’s report mentioned upthread.
    If we did nothing, this thing would peak in late May. With full-on suppression methods (close to what we’re doing now (green line)), it’ll peak in mid-April, but will rebound as soon as we stop those measures. Other scenarios have it peak in July.
    But unless we just let it run rampant and kill those that it will kill right away (and I’m NOT advocating that COA), it will rebound as soon as we lift whatever restrictions we put in place. This is illustrated with the blue shaded area of the chart- the time when countermeasures are in place. Note that when the blue ends, the curves go up again.
    My conclusion- life’s going to be very different until a vaccine is created and widely distributed. Maybe 18 months?

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    The 1918 flu pandemic was a look at how bad these things can be. It’s worth a bit of reading.

    Some countries — South Korea, for example — seem to have done a great job at controlling the spread and/or limiting fatalities. Others, not so well. I have no idea where we’ll fall on that scale.

    I suspect we’ll all know more in a couple of weeks.

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    Was out of eggs this morning so we ventured out to the new local Publix over in Tampa’s Westshore district.

    Traffic was light for mid-day.

    Folks in the store were calm and polite. I saw a couple plain clothes (Detectives?) leo with cuff pouches, spare mags and a pistol worn OWB. One had a Tac Vest (?) with POLICE prominently on it. I think they were using M&Ps from the mag I glimpsed. I try very very hard not to stare at Cops guns when I’m out and about. I just try to blend in acting oblivious like every one else. (I had my G43X in my 10° cant RCS Perun ALWB. Really liking that setup.)

    The store had everything we needed. Selection according to Mrs. Rich was ‘thin’. Packages were fronted, but not very deeply stocked. Eggs were only the fancy-pants organic variety. Ground beef was cheap Chuck / high fat content. Poultry and fresh fruit was pretty picked over.
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    On behalf of greater Tampa, I apologize for these idiots running Clearwater.

    They are closing the beach, starting on March 23. What a bunch of snapperheads.
    Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught.
    — J. C. Watts

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    When looking at any data, one of the first thoughts should be "Compared to what?"

    So in a "normal" year:
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    That's roughly 7500 deaths/day.

    Another good number for comparison is motor vehicle accident deaths; approximately 35,000/year, or 100/day.

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    I've been following the various CV threads as a read-only participant because I don't work in the medical field, have no immediate expertise on the issue and didn't want to clutter them up. After observing what has been happening and having a few informative conversations with colleagues who are working in health services (and closely with the CDC), I'm of the opinion that

    • this is likely to last throughout this year as our attempts to slow the spread are only going to be effective until we stop separating, after which the rates will probably grow again
    • current events evolve daily so it's difficult to sift through the noise to see what is and isn't effective
    • we're probably going to have to wait until this has run its course (next year) to look back and see what the most effective response was
    • we need to accept the new norm, set aside our political differences as a nation and work together to get through it
    • suck it up buttercup

    In the meantime, I can control my immediate area of influence. I'm going to give thanks to God for the blessings I have and I'm going to be aware of the people He's put around me who need our help. Not everyone is as fortunate as those whose employment isn't affected by this so we need to be ready to help those who struggle. Love our neighbors...

    And with that I'm back on read-only mode. Stay healthy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom_Jones View Post
    I’m pretty sure a politician and/or the internet told me that guns kills 350 million Americans every year...
    All of them killed with AR 14s.

    Anyways, back on topic.


    ... Two weeks from now. I know because my mother in law said she had a chat with her "herbalist" neighbor and together they agreed that this "hysteria" should pass in two weeks at most.

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