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Thread: Oklahoma Run n' Gun Winter 2020

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    Oklahoma Run n' Gun Winter 2020

    Was this past Friday/Saturday. For those not familiar with Run n' Gun, these events are 5K, 10K, 15K or even 20K 2-gun biathlons with somewhere between 5 and 10 shooting stages along the way. The participant must carry his firearms, all his ammo and anything else he wants to carry for the entire length of the course.

    The Oklahoma event, now going on for 7 years, is held twice annually in Pawnee, Oklahoma. The trail is made up of muddy, gravel county road, cow pasture, creek and heavy woods. The are a few obstacles along the way that must be negotiated.

    Scoring is based upon a combination of Run time on the course and shoot time for each stage. Every target on every stage must be successfully engaged or a DNF is awarded for the stage. There are very few rules and the firearm rules are really simple.

    Should one of these event ever get close, you need to sign up and test yourself.

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    The strap across the creek looks a little difficult with all your gear on.

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    Great pictures. I agree that the creek crossing strap looks difficult, and even more so with all your gear on. Iíve only done one 10K RnG and that was the WTF near Waco, TX. I hope to do more, including the Pawnee event.

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