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Thread: Ergo TDX-0 grip

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    Ergo TDX-0 grip

    I see the precision rifle guys using these, have any of you tried one on an AR? Itís cheap enough that Iíll grab one if no one has any data on these.

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    I don't like finger grooves.
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    I have also been interested in the Magpul "K" grips (they make a few variations) for my pistol:
    but might be nice for my 26" prairie dog rig?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clusterfrack View Post
    I don't like finger grooves.
    Iíve been known to grind those off.

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    I have a LaRue APEG (rough texture) for my scoped ARs. Pretty happy with them. Cheap, too.

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    I have a pair of them. I put one on the 5.56 precision RECCE build I did, and the second on the .22 sub-caliber trainer I made to mimic it.

    I like them and find them useful. I ordered my from Optics Planet at a very good price, and actually got them in less than a week. Kinda stunned about that, actually.

    They are relatively wide across the base, and I like them. I use a thumb forward hand placement, the better to keep the gun level and isolate the trigger press. They support that method. The finger grooves do not bother me. That's also usual, since I loath finger grooves on virtually everything else.

    And I really like an A2 pistol grip on an AR, with the stupid groove ground off. Done that mucho, mucho times.

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    Pretty sure thats the dame grip on the fox 42, i like it.

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