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Thread: Multiple mag carriers for edc

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    I rarely carry two but I do use Rich's "Custom Carry Concepts" mag pouches and they are excellent. I have one of each type, Basic and VersaMag.

    Also have a Mastermind IWB mag carrier that is excellent as well.

    Between the three I have an option to fit any need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vcdgrips View Post
    Two singles typically take up less room than one double.

    Two singles can be placed around belt loops etc far easier than one double.

    Custom carry concepts singles in kydex are excellent.

    Glock/Safariland and even the Blackhawk injection molded ones work quite well at under 20 per as well.

    I agree with most of this post, but the two singles taking up less space than a double is really dependent on the design of the singles and the design of the double. If the singles have belt loops on “wings” on either side of each single, then the belt space required goes up considerably. The same issue arises if the singles have any substantial excess material to accommodate a tension screw, although if the tension screw adds little extra material, it can be very worth having.

    In the case of the CCC single pouches we both like, this is absolutely true and without exception.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshmill View Post
    I've been considering adding a second mag for edc. I like the single horizontal holder for comfort worn at 10:00. Back in the day I used to wear verticals at 7-8:00 but it was uncomfortable, especially while driving. Reevaluating two singles or a double at 9:00.

    What do you guys prefer?
    Depending on what I'm wearing or what I'm doing, I use the Raven Copia pouches (double and single) or the Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed double pouch.

    I used to carry the CCC Basic Mag Carriers as well as some similar pieces of gear for both pistol and rifle mags, but I found that their retention (as well as the retention of similar products, name escapes me) to be insufficient for vigorous work. They're fine for just walking around or spending time on the range, but once you start rolling around, crawling out of vehicles and whatnot I found them to lose mags. I keep the Copia's adjustment screw cinched down pretty takes a forceful yank to get them out of the pouch, to the point it negatively impacts my reload speed. Sucks to go for a reload and find you don't have one, though.

    So, I use the BFG pouches when space is at a premium (like wearing a radio), but I like the concealment, stability, ability to get a more full and consistent grip on the mag, and ease of re-seating mags during tac-reloads with the Copias better.
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    I also prefer the CCC basic pouch. It's simple, good retention, excellent concealment, minimal belt space. The only down side is it takes almost 4-5 months to get them.
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    Another vote for BFG.

    I am required to record contacts, and a razor blade and a lighter converted a single cell 10 Speed mag pouch into a really decent digital recorder pouch allowing me to access the controls without removing it from my duty belt. I am looking at using larger 10 Speed pouches (single M4, for TQs on my duty belt, as the current Philster TQ carriers vomit a TQ about once a month when I snag it getting in and out of the car (I carry 1 at 1700 and 1 at 1900 on my duty belt).

    I also have a "carry rotation" of different guns depending on clime, mood, and activity, and the 10 Speed pouches fit mags for anything I may grab. I know, it will get me killed on the streets....


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    I do like Blade Tech single clip-on kydex pouches, but my current favorite is a BFG ten speed double, belt mounted.

    Great retention, great concealment, and you can use it to carry a light and a mag, if you like.

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