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Thread: Northwest Regional Tactical Conference

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    Northwest Regional Tactical Conference

    A few months ago we announced the Northwest Tactical Conference, a premiere training event to be held at the Firearms Academy of Seattle. See

    for details. Short version- training in handgun, shotgun, carbine, empty hands, legal issues, and medical response by nationally known instructors. Trainers include Tom & Lynn Givens, Massad Ayoob, Marty Hayes, Gabe White, William Aprill, and many more. This is a fantastic bargain.

    The event is in danger of being cancelled, due to low registration. We have to contract for tents, catering, plus travel and lodging for 16 trainers from all over the US. This all has to be done in advance, and we have to know we have enough attendees to fund this. If you want to attend, please register now at the link cited above. I hope to see you there.

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    Hey Folks. If you are thinking about attending this event, you need to sign up ASAP. Registrations have been slow and the event is facing cancellation due to lack of interest.
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    We announced the Northwest Tactical Conference last Summer. It was to be held at the Firearms Academy of Seattle in Onalaska, Washington. Alas, registration has been very poor, with less than 20 attendees registered at this time.
    This is the time we would have to contract for the rental tents, caterer, air travel for over a dozen trainers from all over the country, etc. Also, the professional trainers involved need to free that weekend up for a class elsewhere while there is time to fill them. A couple of weeks ago I posted on various social media that the event was in danger of being cancelled if folks did not go ahead and register, so wed know expenses would be covered, at least. That did not happen.
    The event is now cancelled. Your registration fee is being refunded. Thank you for your support of the event, and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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    Tom, Im sorry you had to go through the work of doing all that over a second time, for no event. In any case I greatly appreciate the clear communication.

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    Sorry to hear Tom, if I was not literally on the other side of the country I would have loved to attend.

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    The main downside is not getting any of that caterer's tri tip.
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    I'm sorry to see this did come to fruition. Unfortunately, I had teaching commitments during that time.

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