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Thread: Single action revolver pic thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malamute View Post
    Be still my heart.....

    Many years ago I shot a ladies tuned up SAA in 357 at a shoot. She handed me a 100 rd box of ammo and told me to shoot it up when I asked if I could try it. Way fun. Ive wanted one in 357 ever since. Having an 1873 carbine in 357 has re-ignited the urge.

    Anything you want to trade?

    ...Or let me know if you get tired of them, or one of them.

    A pair of the same in 45. Iíd trade em for a pair of blue/cch US made USFAs too.

    I have an unfired pair of USFA Rodeos and and couple other ones that I shoot some. Theyíre so good I donít even consider them clones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trooper224 View Post

    Thatís my holy grail if itís a 45.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M2CattleCo View Post
    Thatís my holy grail if itís a 45.
    Indeed, it is.
    We may lose and we may win, but we will never be here again.......

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    357 still seems like an odd pairing in a SAA, but it handles well. Shooting 158gr @ 1220fps was not much different than a 250gr at ~750. Iím very impressed!

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    A Couple of Uberti Reproductions

    1860 Army and 1873 SAA clones.

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