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Thread: Removing Beretta 92 grip screw bushing?

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    Removing Beretta 92 grip screw bushing?

    Got an order in from Langdon Tactical this afternoon with a set of LTT grips for my Beretta 92F along with some other parts. Put the grips on just fine and when tightening down one of the screws (factory Beretta hex-head screws) the head broke clean off. A stub of the screw remained in the bushing, but was not tall enough to get ahold of to turn out. I drilled out the stub with a 1/16" drill bit in the hopes of being able to then turn the stub out of the bushing, but had no luck. Here's a picture of where things stand now:

    Any thoughts on how to remove the stub of the grip screw? Or am I better off just removing and replacing the whole bushing? If that's the best course of action, how should I go about removing the bushing?
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    Should have mentioned @LangdonTactical in the original post, and also noted that the broken grip screw almost certainly was the result of my over-torquing while waiting for the screw to bottom-out. I should have reminded myself not to wait for that cue when using a rubber washer between the screw and grips
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    I did that with my 92FS. I ended up having to send it back to Beretta who took care of it at no charge.

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    Tried a broken screw remover and was able to remove the whole bushing without damaging the frame threads. Going to install a new bushing from Brownells and see how it works.

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