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Thread: 1911 Grip Plans

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    1911 Grip Plans

    I'm needing a set of plans/ dimensions/ pattern/ template/ ect for a set of 1911 grips.
    One of the kids here is looking for woodworking projects to make a bit of extra money, and I have some ebony that would look great as grips.

    And do to my particular circumstances, getting a cheap set to copy is NOT an option at the moment.

    Thanks for any help one can provide
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    Both left and right are identical mirror images.
    Overall height is 4.3 inches
    Width across top is 1.4 inches
    Width across bottom above the corner notch is 1.7 inches
    Height of corner notch from base is 0.3 inches
    Width of the flat base is 1.4 inches
    Width across the center is 1.5 inches
    Front edge length is 3.75 inches
    Rear edge length above notch is 4.1 inches
    Top is gently rounded
    thickness is a uniform 0.4 inches (approx).

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    Here's a PDF containing the blueprints, including the stocks:

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