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Thread: Bug out holster that plays nice with backpack/waist belt

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    The hill people kit bag or other chest mounted solution like the Kenai works well with a backpack with a waist band. They become irritating if taking layers on and off, but the pistol stays with you when you drop your pack for a short break.

    HPG just released a fanny pack version of their snubby kit bag, which looks interesting to me for summer time backpacking when I'd like to keep the fun concealed.

    You mention the belt being 1.5". What about a Raven perun with the qms loops. That should allow you to transfer the holster from pack belt to pants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whomever View Post
    That would be my choice if the HPG Kit Bag didnít work for your purposes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason View Post
    Also Iíd like to keep close to my normal draw stroke if possible to avoid massive retraining. Draw speed could be a factor in human predator scenarios in my urban setting.
    When rucking with a hip belt I carried my Glock in a double mag pouch that I clipped a kydex holster into, this is more comfortable in humid weather over long distances.

    Which assault pack? Could you move the waist belt higher up?

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    @Jason , You're looking for a fully concealed holster, that allows for quick access to the pistol? I don't really think that's a thing. I'd keep the G19 in the pack and put a jframe in a velcro flap pouch on the pack's belt. It'll add a pound to the total load

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    I've got a HPG Kit Bag, a Kenai Chest Holster, and a Diamond D Guides Choice, all of which would work really well for your intended use. I use the Kenai or the Guides Choice when I'm bow hunting. Which one depends on where I'm at and which pistol I'm carrying. I use the Kit Bag for firearm season when I've got a rifle slung. It stops the rifle from banging on the pistol and making noise, and also stores reloads for both. I would probably vote Kit Bag if you want to keep it concealed. You can wear either of the chest holsters under a jacket, but the draw will get cumbersome if you have backpack straps on top of that. The draw from the Kit Bag can be fairly quick with practice.

    Just brainstorming, urban disaster to the extent you have to walk out with family.. is carrying a rifle out of the question?

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    On a recent hunting trip with a ruck, I used a Safariland ALS with a mid drop belt loop attachment.

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    I would not want to be walking around with a backpack and an openly-carried gun in an urban environment, disaster or otherwise. Many shelters would turn you away and I would imagine you'd probably get some extra attention from people you don't want extra attention from -- and, depending upon your location, perhaps the police as well.

    I use a HPG kit bag when hiking, and I think it would suit your purpose well if combined with an IWB holster somewhere in your pack. I'm sure other hikers assume it's a gun, but people who shop at REI =/= the inner city hordes found in prepper porn.

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