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Thread: Unarmed Training for the old(ish) and broken(wish) fellow

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    An old friend who runs a dojo (we uses to work out together many years ago) now lets me play on Wednesday nights. That's adults night. While it's traditional Taekwondo he also has lots of bags and we use the bags and focus mitts. And he lets me do my own style, which is more Krav Maga and JKD than anything else! And he has lots of PT at the first half of the class! So much so I had to take a breather the first night... came home drenched in sweat.

    I already do Wing Chung KF on Sundays with another school who's teacher is also an old friend that also worked out with me in TKD along time ago (in fact all three of us worked out together ... 30 or so years ago.)

    Add that to my Planet Fitness workouts and I think I am on the way to something... dunno if it's fitness or a heart attack yet.

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    @TAZ, I've got some joint issues that have persisted for a while and I'm getting to the point where I need to have them looked at. The biggest offender currently seems to the the AC joint if my google fu is working correctly, but also have a knee thing, a rib thing, a wrist thing, and a hip thing.

    Not sure if I should try the orthopedic doctor route first, a physical therapist, a chiropractor, or what?

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    Sorry to hear youíre having issues. Orthopedic issues are complex to self diagnose. Not that others are easy peasy by any stretch.

    For things other than sprains and such, Iíve always gone to a doctor first. Sux if your insurance requires referrals cause you have to do the GP thing before the specialist, but itís important to get the correct diagnosis for a fix to work. Iíve gone to PT and chiropractor. They have done wonders on me and have kept me away from needing to be cut on. However, Iím not sure Iíd go to them for diagnostic work.

    Good luck.

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