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Thread: The big 10.5"-12.5" general purpose pistol/SBR thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bergeron View Post
    You are absolutely onto something. I was thinking a .358 Grendel (name??)
    That name is way too logical for a wildcat. Youíve gotta go with something more esoteric - itís gotta have a hyphen, maybe an acronym, or obscure namesake.

    Something like ď.358-6.5 Harrison SPCĒ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bergeron View Post
    Iím kicking around if an intermediate-9 might be a fun and useful ďRanch RifleĒ for here in the swampy or piney south.

    My first centerfire rifle was a long-since-stolen 7600 in .35 Whelen, and my most recent is a 16Ē 9mm AR-RDB. I always wanted, but never tried, loading .357 Magnum bullets into Whelen cases for light loads.

    It looks like an upcoming project will be a SBR in x39 boltface AK, and I wonder about 6.5 Grendel necked to 9mm? Iíve got guns I can buy ammo by the case for, this would also be rifle-as-handloading-excuse. Ranges really arenít that long out here and the toughest critters are the hogs.

    I loved the power of the Whelen back in the day, and Iíve come to realize that a part of that was the terminal ballistics of old-school cup-and-core at close range on the higher impact speed of their design parameters. What happens with either the round nose or pointer 180-225grain stuff, out whatíll necessarily be closer to, uhhhh, 30-30/9mm wildcat out of a 13.7-10Ē barrel? Would it still be nasty out to 100m? Or maybe as far as 250m range? With .357 Magnum bonded pistol bullets, just how hard and fast could they be pushed?

    I wouldnít be unhappy with 30 Gremlin, instead. Light to midweight 30-cal rifle bullets match up weight was pretty close to .357 pistol bullets, and I guess(?) that 300 BLK popularity has given us a deep enough selection of rifle bullets with terminal performed towards lower velocities than -06 or 308. Or maybe jump all the way smallbore to the 6ARC. I donít want a bunch of rifles, I want just few that I really like. Any way of it, Iíll get my jollies of designing and making ammo for the gun.

    Is this .35 Grendel an idea with real terminal ballistics potential, or is this just riggings of heartstrings for 9mm rifles?
    Is there a reason .350 legend isnít on your radar for this?

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    For 0 to 400 yds I still like my 14.5" inch barreled upper with the Kahles 1-6X with the G4B reticle. I recently added an ACRO P2 at 12 o'clock, and in it's role it works just fine *for me*.

    14.5", 12.5", 11.5" uppers

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