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Thread: Thinking Of Taking A Stroll Back To The Glock World After Years Away (Glock 19X?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTQ View Post
    I wonder if they'll put this feature on new production Gen 3 and Gen 4 guns?
    If they would do a Gen3 with no finger grooves, Gen5 texture, and all the ejection updates, they'd have it down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc_Glock View Post
    Yup. Two G19Xs that I love, and shoot well despite the stupid sights. Knocked the lip off both with zero regrets.

    Me too...

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    Ordered G45 MOS this AM, hopefully itíll get here by Friday, if not then Monday, before I ordered it I searched around the Ďnet and watched several videos of people shooting these, you know, MAC, Hickock45, etc, while I didnít listen to all the blather, what I did watch was how the pistols ejected emptyís, and all of them shot out of the ejection port on a high arc landing about 8í away from the shooter, the only pistols I have that eject like that are CZís. The point is with all these different videos you have different people shooting the pistol with different ammo, and yet the ejection pattern didnít change.. The acid test for me was yesterday when I shot my loads through the rental G45, It didnít seem to matter, each and every empty case went flying out vigorously to the right, on a high arc.. Anybody on the fence about these go watch the videos on the net, turn down the volume, and pay attention when they shoot the pistol, and watch the ejection pattern.. I honestly think (Iíll know for sure after Iíve shot mine,)Glock may have finally solved the BTF problem....
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    I bought a 19X when they first came out. It shot well, but I really hated the front magwell lip. So I sold it and got a 45. I am quite pleased with it.

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    Picked up the G45 MOS on Friday, ran a bore snake through the bore and went to the lgsís indoor range. Ran 5-6 mags of my practice loads through it with zero issues. Ejection was the same as the rental G45, which is excellent, all the cases to the right, being sent out of the ejection port vigorously.. This pistol shoots flat, rapid strings arenít hard to do.. Glock finally addressed the BTF problem, and I honestly think itís going to be a thing of the past. The next thing is to order some Dawson sights thatíll clear the RMR, and once those are sighted in, Mount the Red Dot, look around for a holster, get some practice in with it, and down the road, start carrying it, and see how it works out..

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