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Thread: Best Way to Conduct a Safe Chamber Check?

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    I have done all of those. Most days I have a white light/RMR on the pistol so I roll it 90 degrees inboard, support hand over the top of the slide grasping in front of the ejection port. Crack the action open, look into and insert trigger finger to feel, then release the slide after removing the digit. I still do the old Magpul Dynamics smack to the back of the slide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chain View Post
    John Wick stylized
    Awesome! Finally a great way to send your pistol chasing after your empty mag!

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    Not sure if y'all have tried this method:

    Grip pistol fully with primary hand. Place support hand in front of muzzle. Press trigger smoothly. If gun does not blow a hole in support hand the chamber is empty....

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    The fella's from "Heat" doing chamber checks. You can tell how old the movie is (well, other than how young Pacino and De Niro are) with the dated chamber check techniques. Nobody does this stuff anymore. Keep your hand away from the muzzle.

    Al Pacino with a 1911 at around :18

    Robert De Niro with a SIG P220

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidheshooter View Post
    Christ almighty, finally a pic on the internet that shows the hand orientation I was looking for. I thought I was going to have to hold a phone in my teeth, or something. Hat tip to @voodoo_man

    This pic^^^

    Strong hand makes sure the muzzle is pointed somewhere prudent; I use a push/pull scissor pinch, but, yeah, this.
    I've got a video somewhere of this happening that I recorded I just can't find it right now.

    I've found it to be the fastest and safest method.

    If I'm in a pinch and don't know if a gun is loaded but I need to be shooting shortly I just rack the slide.
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    Just a quick story since we are on the subject...

    We normally check to make sure guns are loaded during roll calls before shift, this is a standard thing we do. Almost everyone knows how to chamber check in one method or the other, most often by pull the slide back just a hair to make sure they see a round in the chamber. One Sgt, one time decided she was going to just go around and touch the extractor to make sure every pistol was loaded. If that's something you do, just be advised that the difference is only 1mm or 2mm. Very difficult. She ended up feeling an extractor and telling the officer that the gun wasn't loaded, the officer told her it was, she took the gun and discharged into the ceiling trying to prove him wrong.

    Still has her stripes last time I checked, but won't be fondling any pistols anytime soon. Lesson is, it's either loaded or it isn't you have to check without pulling the trigger and be 100% certain.
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    I do what several others have described, which is basically the John Wick cool guy method done in an uncool non-theatrical way: gun pointed in a safe direction and support hand also holding the gun.
    I think it makes it easier to not move the slide too far and eject a round, especially with hammer fired guns.

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    I dont like to rely on just my eyes to chamber check firearms. I want to touch brass or diddle the empty chamber with a finger.

    There are two reasons for this. One, it might not be light enough to see the chamber in some situations. Number two is I missed a chambered round in a revolver cylinder and got a loud noise when I was expecting a click. Luckily I was at the range and just doing some dry fire in between live fire strings so the muzzle was pointed in a safe direction.

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