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Thread: SCD should be easily adaptable for the Hellcat.

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    SCD should be easily adaptable to the Hellcat.

    Having been an early adopter and subsequent eager UN-adopter of the XD-9, I share many people's suspicion of the reliability and durability of guns with XD lineage. However, knowing that key design flaws with the standard XD range are not present in the Hellcat models, having watched a video of a trigger group upgrade kit installation in the Hellcat allowing a detailed view of the FCG, and finding a remarkable lack of reliability issues or functional deficiencies apparent online, I'm starting to think this may be a really solid handgun. Beyond that, it seems to be selling like hotcakes.

    One thing I noticed in the trigger kit video is that the FCG is functionally a Glock mechanism albeit with a beefy reconceptualization of the sear and (dis)connector interfaces. Critically though, it is clearly a Safe Action analogue with a partially pre-cocked striker effectively of the same design as a Glock with the same backplate and channel interface.

    It would seem to be a simple matter of changing the machined dimensions of the SCD to adapt it to the Hellcat.

    What say the Tau?
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