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Thread: A pair and a spare: all identical?

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    I want two identical guns of the gun I carry. After that, I donít sweat it if theyíre a little different.

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    I have a pair of G19.4s for carry and a pair of G17s for competition. Yes, I make them as identical as humanly possible. If I want to test something new out that Iím potentially buying 1-3 more of Iíll change something on one of the training guns and shake it out. If I like it, I consider if itís worth getting copies of. If itís worth it, I buy more and update the others and confirm function. If I donít, I get rid of it and revert back to how it was previously setup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TC215 View Post
    Are you issued two, or did you buy a personal gun as well?
    I bought a retiree's gun.
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    Maybe with talented students I would lube up with baby oil and then go at it.

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    My carry is a G19.4 with undercut trigger guard, grip force adaptor, and Ameriglo protector sights. Everything else is stock. I have a G19.3 setup very similar. A G17.3 chopped to 19 length also setup similar. And a G26.3 with similar sight setup. All 4 of these guns have been near flawless.

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    I've long considered that any pistol worth owning for CCW purposes is worth owning two (or more) of, and I've routinely followed this principle about gun purchases for some three decades.

    I don't have one of the two (or more) examples of such guns "for parts", but rather for the concept of "one to carry, one to shoot", meaning one used for CCW, and shot only rarely for function and accuracy, and another identical example for regular practice (and of course to have another should one be confiscated by LE after a justifiable shoot).

    Whether altogether identical or not (e.g, Gen 3 vs. Gen 5 of a given model), the chosen options should be sufficiently similar that functional "crossover" from one to another is easy.
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    My glock 17s are set up similarly. My 1911-pattern guns vary wildly but I have no issue transitioning between them; for that matter I have no issue transitioning between the glocks and the 1911s. This is one of those things that I suspect you have to be cooler than me to appreciate.

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    My carry gun is a Colt Special Combat Government with a worn blue finish. My primary training/practice gun is another SCG set up the exact same way just with an IonBond finish. My bedside gun is a Colt Rail Gun. Sights are different on that one and it is equipped with a light.

    I should probably get a backup for my Gen 3 Glock 34 since I use it for classes sometimes.
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    My two Gen5 G19s are set up identically. I only own a Gen4 because my employer doesnít authorize the Gen5. I donít feel the differences between the Gen4 and Gen5 guns are significant enough that I need another Gen4 to be my training gun. Iíll continue using the same Gen5 that was my training gun before. All three of my G19s have stock triggers and Ameriglo sights (two orange BOLD and one green Agent). Iíve learned that I prefer the green front sights to the orange ones but my performance is close enough that Iím not going to switch them out. I also have a G26 set up in a similar manner. Again, not entirely identical but close enough. If work circumstances didnít intervene, I would probably have two identical Gen5 G19s and two identical Gen5 G26s. All four guns would have the green front Ameriglo Agent sights.

    As you can probably tell, Iím one of the people who believe that itís better to have a duplicate training gun of your carry gun. It saves wear on your primary carry gun or competition gun and youíll have something to press into the defensive role in case you do have your primary taken as evidence after a UoF incident. I donít believe the training gun needs to be an exact clone but an exact clone is ideal. I donít think that youíre guaranteed to get killed in the streets by not having identical copies of your carry gun but the only negative to getting one is the cost.
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    I like them to be identical but I don't sweat it too much. Like Glocks I don't worry too much about them being all the same generation. I'm mainly concerned with the manual of arms. If you have the means to set up a whole family of pistols identically and get three identical copies of each one, go for it. But don't max out your credit card to do it.
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    Beretta 92x, px4 full size and XDE is the close as I can get right now. Would like to get px4 compact as well. Or get the 92x Centurion and/or compact. Slight difference in the manual of arms on the XDE but slide mounted decock doesn't seem to be too different to frame mounted.

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