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Thread: A pair and a spare: all identical?

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    Quote Originally Posted by revchuck38 View Post
    Dumb geezer question: What's a PMO?
    Totally legit question. Thought it - Pistol Mounted Optic - was better known.

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    I keep three of any gun Iím seriously shooting. One for the range because I donít clean my guns much and donít want to carry or dry handle dirty guns, one vetted for carry, and one for dry fire. I dry fire a lot and keep the designated dry fire guns in a separate safe away from ammo with training mags only. I donít like loading and unloading my carry guns. I guess Iím OCD about my guns which is weird because Iím lazy everywhere else 🙂

    As others have said I donít think alternate frame sizes of the same gun, such as glock make a difference. Iím a 90% Glock guy for over a decade but I like to dabble in other guns to keep it fresh and some are just toys. Been playing with the p365 variants lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EPF View Post
    . I donít like loading and unloading my carry guns.
    This is something I do as well. Loaded, carry guns in one safe, everything else in another. I found it very helpful to keep the carry gun loaded and holstered and either on my person, or locked (in holster) in the quick access safe. The training gun is kept with the training stuff in a separate location. Overall I think it is safer since there is less admin handling of the guns at home.

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    My three Beretta 92s aren't physically, but functionally identical. The same was true for my 1911s when I used that type.
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    Close but not identical:

    G17, 19, 26 (all Gen 2/2.5)
    G22, 23 (issued) 27 (Gen 4, 2.5)
    Numerous fixed sight K Smiths 3" and 4" barrels
    Multiple 2" J frame .38s
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    I have standardized (well, I have several) M&Ps. Multiple M&P 2.0 9mm Compacts for carry plus a M&P 2.0 FS and a FDE 5 inch for range/IDPA/etc. I just brought out my "retired" M&P Gen 1 PRO 5 inch for RDS duty with a CORE 5 inch slide and a SRO. All have some form of APEX trigger upgrades.

    I still have a bad habit of adding 1911s and the off PF pistol of the month (looking at you PX4 Compact and CZ P10F OR with SRO) and of course I have a few Glocks in the woodpile (G26 Gen 3s) but I always return to the M&Ps.

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    Glock 19, 26, 42 and 43. The 19, 42 and 43 have the same sights (Wilson Combat Vickers Elite Battlesight w/ green fiber optic insert on the front sight). I rarely carry the 26 so it has factory sights. I have one 19, and two each 42 and 43. The 43 is my favorite 9mm - I shoot it very precisely, it's like I can't miss - even at long distances (50+ yd). The 43 is my primary CCW. I carry the 19 when I want more capacity (e.g., movie theater). I carry the 42 mostly in the summer when I pocket carry in Carhartt B357 shorts. I recently discovered I can also comfortably and effectively pocket carry the 43 in these shorts too, so with it being my primary CCW, I see it edging out the 42 except when I really want to cut bulk and weight (hot, sticky summer days with a lot of walking). My pocket carry "holster" is the Boraii Eagle pocket holster for both the 42 and 43. Pocket magazine carrier is from Ryan Grizzle for both.

    All my CCWs are Glock for simplicity sake. The manual of arms is the same for every gun.

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    I'm working through how to make this kind of idea work for me. It's just been in the last year I've gotten really serious about pistol shooting, and even considering multiple guns in the same flavor. Since I got started down this path on Berettas, I've got an M9 and a 92 Compact that are set up identical down to the M9 half moon rear sight, and I carried the compact for a bit, but switched to the M9 because 1) I physically could, and 2) I needed to address the finish on the compact. I've shot the M9 a bunch, and the compact has roughly a third of the round count. Working through some extraction issues with it since getting the slide refinished. I believe it to be ammo related.

    I've gotten increasingly sold on the compact/Centurion slide length. If I could find a Centurion, or afford an LTT right now, I'd have three. Carry the compact or Centurion, shoot and compete with the M9, and the other would be backup/house duty. Still stuck with an entirely different gun for bedside duty since neither have a rail.

    I did add a PX4 compact in the mix a couple months ago. It's a great little pistol, and I feel good about it enough to carry it occasionally, but I'd have to invest a couple thousand rounds of exclusive shooting with it to feel nearly as competent with it.

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    Three 1911s in three sizes, Government, Commander, Officerís. I want to add another Government and probably get a CCO eventually.

    I have I dunno how many revolvers that are all pretty much identical (to me) the only differences is the cylinder release. Iíve never had issues missing my reloads the latches are all in roughly the same place. Most of my revolvers are fixed fronts, trough rear sights. So the sight picture is highly similar.
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    Just to be clear I am not anywhere near as good as a lot of people here. The last time I reach a ceiling in performance I stopped shooting a ton a different guns every range trip. I used to bounce between DA/SA and Glock all the time. I started focusing on Glocks and I made a big improvement. Since then I have focused on the Glocks from a purchase standpoint as well. I have two 19's that are set up very close. One is MOS the other is direct mill but that is the only difference. Then I cut a 19 to take 26 mags and found that I shot it a lot better. So now my pair and a spare is 3 gen 4 Glock 19's that are the same in the frame except one being cut for 26 mags and those 3 frames share 2 RMR uppers until I get the funds for the 3rd.

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