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Thread: Conference. P&S Training Summit. Sept 5-7, 2020

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    Conference. P&S Training Summit. Logan, UT. Sept 5-7, 2020

    Large scale training event featuring multiple instructors in Logan, Utah on Sept. 5,6,7, 2020.
    Registration starts after January. Preregistration starts in January for Patreon supporters of Network Support or greater.

    Registration cost for 100 slots:
    $1000 for general entry.
    $1000 for Network Support or greater Patreon supporters with nonrefundable $500 down.
    $900 for Network Support or greater Patreon supporters paying in full.
    $500 Audit attendee – full access to lectures, demos, vendor areas, 3rd day competition/practical, limited access to shooting/tactics courses (Attends as observer).

    50 Law Enforcement Admin/Policy Maker slots sponsored by P&S.

    Has attended professional training from a P&S recognized instructor/company or has documented military/law enforcement experience or is c class (equivalent) or higher competitive shooter. The course takes off running, not for beginners. Further screening on an individual basis if needed.

    Sponsored LE will need department letterhead from thier department from someone of Chief, Sheriff, Asst Chief, Chief Deputy, Capt, or Lt rank stating the potential student is a department policy maker and is involved in the department firearms training/acquisition program.

    Instructor roster (possible changes may occur):

    Chad Albrecht – lecture: AR diagnostics/upkeep/microarmorer

    Bill Blowers – range: shield (LE if enough interest), diagnostic pistol and tracking progress

    Darryl Bolke – lecture: Training Habits of Highly Successful Gunfighters

    Aaron Cowan – lecture: rds policy (LE), range: edc lowlight shooting and rds orientation

    Andrew Fisher – lecture: stop the bleed, first line medical best practices, outfitting within scope and ability

    Steve Fisher – range: lpvo and intermediate/close distance carbine

    Varg Freeborn – lecture: criminal mindset/violence of mind

    Chuck Haggard – lecture: controlling unknown contacts, range: contact distance shooting and options/low light techniques

    Tim Herron – range: throttle control/distance and multiple targets/weak hand and strong hand only shooting

    Ash Hess – lecture: Establishing and maintaining organizational weapon standards, range: lpvo, alternative shooting positions

    Scott Jedlinski – range: efficent edc rds, competition

    Matt Little – range: close range carbine, competition, incorporating live fire into effective training

    Mike Mihalski – lecture: AR15 standardized quality (selecting duty/defensive weapons)

    Chuck Pressburg – lecture: loadout considerations/shooting around friendlies and unknowns/nvg, range: no fail pistol, shooting under nvg

    Jared Reston – lecture: starting and ending the fight, range: active shooter response

    Dr. Gary Roberts – lecture: understanding terminal ballistics/choosing defensive/duty ammo

    The focus is professional development. Each instructor focuses on their specialty.

    Days one and two start early and end late. They will be broken into separate blocks with multiple courses and lectures running simultaneously along with large scale lectures during meal breaks. Day three will consist of competition and graded practicals (working on an additional range for more events)
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    I do hope they get the schedule out before they sell out. The parallel blocks arrangement can lead to competing interests conflicts; has happened to me many times during professional conferences.
    That's seems interesting and is pretty much local to me. There is a number of talks and shooting blocks I wouldn't mind to listen to / take. Will keep an eye on this.
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