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Thread: Please support this GoFundMe

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    Please support this GoFundMe

    Iím pretty sure that you guys will figure out who and why

    Giving Back to our Veterans and First Responders

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    Donated. The organizer and his friends have given very much, and continue to do so.

    Bravo Zulu!

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    By all means.

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    Donated. This is an outstanding idea.

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    I have matched every donation to date and will do so until the initial goal of $15k is reached.

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    It wasn't much, but it's what I can afford. Thanks for putting this out there.
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    Thank you to everyone who has donated. And a special thank you for the exceptional generosity of ArgentFix and TDG. And every penny helps, so donít think that your dollar isnít useful. It is.

    To catch people up: we have recently secured 900+ acres of secluded timber land for an extended lease, and will be offering a variety of outdoor recreational activities for our veterans and first responders, as well as their families. In addition to these important bonding and re-association activities, we have partnered with other veterans groups and nonprofits to provide the venue as well as proven therapeutic cognitive and behavioral treatment for PTSD and TBI related disabilities and disorders. This isnít just about doing something ďniceĒ or ďcoolĒ for our heroes in uniform, but also to provide the meaningful skills and support necessary to navigate the difficult world they find themselves in when the uniforms come off, whether for the day, or for the rest of their life.

    Thanks again to all who have freely donated their time, services, advice, and money to help make this dream a reality. It was every little bit of all of the above that has got us this far.
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    This is a great thing, thanks for the heads up.

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    Done. Thanks to all for undertaking this endeavor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArgentFix View Post
    I have matched every donation to date and will do so until the initial goal of $15k is reached.
    Easier said than done, apparently. In trying to match donations I discovered GoFundMe doesn't accept multiple donations from an individual to a single campaign. Strangely, the web page gives no error, email or other indication of this, the donation attempts are just silently ignored. So apologies to anyone who hasn't yet seen their donation matched. I've contacted Sean to see if we can arrange something where I can match "offline" but those matches will still show up on the GFM project page.

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