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Is there a better-defined line that, when crossed, indicates unambiguously that, "Hey dumbass, it's time!"?
Also being in my 60's I have been asking the same question. I have experience with the first gen slide mounted RDS (Tasco Propoint and Docter) and they were limited use range toys that died within a predictable round count range every time. I shot an C-more frame mounted dot in USPSA Open for a few years and that helped me understand the importance and role of indexing the gun for a red dot to work. A few years ago tried a next gen RDS, the Deltapoint, only to have repeated units die (although nowhere near as many as GJM) to help me conclude those are not ready for "da street".

My project for 2020 is going to be spending my GSSF blue label coupon on a Gen 5 G19 MOS (I love and completely trust the gen 5 19 with irons and a SCD) and then a Trijicon RMR 2 and start practicing/drilling/testing/learning/benchmarking.

If the day comes, this year, next year, a future year, where I positively and quantitatively conclude "hey I am flat out better in every circumstance with this gun than any other" for that G19 with the RMR, I will switch, pure and simple. If it does not, I will not switch. I am calling that my "well defined line" and hope not to be too subjective about it. Timers and targets do not lie.

However, this is the year I start, with that most trusted platform I know of, and learn what it means to me, learn how best to run it, as I think this is a very individual choice thing....nobody can tell me what gun makes me safer, I have to get my ass in the grass shooting and make that determination myself based on a fair set of benchmark drills.