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Thread: Not so much “weapon” but an interesting new knife co came across my desk today

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    Not so much “weapon” but an interesting new knife co came across my desk today

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    Nice. I wouldn't want anyone carving on me with it. It's plenty weapon, imho.
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    What happened to the rest of it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willard View Post
    What happened to the rest of it?
    Well, it is named "Runtly"

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    For when a simple utility knife is all you really need, but that just doesn’t require enough time spent sharpening.
    Not another dime.

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    I appreciate non-weapon-intended knives.

    Back a bit, when running into the friction point of my wear-tester\pressure-tester group not all having some\all of the knives I could make sheaths for, I bought a bunch of paring knives at ~$36ea on closeout. They're longer in about every way imaginable than what I bought them to emulate, but I can wrap them in kydex and fabric and send them out for testing; and worry not one wit about ever seeing any of them ever again. I certainly get a lot more feedback that way, versus waiting\hoping for testers to shell out a bundle for knives.
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