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Thread: Week 351: The Double Test

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    A cold attempt on December 24, 2019.

    Equipment used: LTT 92 Compact, JMCK WC2.5 with DSG Dark Wing and VDevGroup wedge.
    Start position: Hands at sides, concealment.
    Pass or fail: Failure, four out of the black
    Number of points: 82
    Anything you noticed: Hard push somewhere between the sixth and ninth shot. Felt it, of course, but more importantly I saw it break. Cannot let up on that support hand.

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    Greetings from the Eastern Bloc!

    Service Glock 17 Gen.4 with a stock trigger
    Kydex Holsters: Misho Penev
    S&B factory ammo, PF>140
    Under a T-shirt & Adidas jacket

    12.10 seconds, 92 points, PASS.

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    Two attempts this morning with my 9mm Operator.
    1. 81 in 16.87 sec
    2. 79 in 20.79

    Decided to conserve ammo.
    "I realized all the mindset talk was useless without action and that with action, all the mindset talk was unnecessary." - Mike Pannone

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    Three attempts from the ready before lunch. G19MOS as earlier described.
    I can’t even describe the first run, except to say I just think my head wasn’t in it; 80ish points in under 15 seconds.
    Deep breath-get over it.
    2nd run: 94-it can be done! 3rd run: 92-so no fluke.
    My feeling is this is what 15 yards used to do to me years ago. I shot too fast, sloppy if any hits. These accuracy drills are valuable, and I appreciate the efforts of the folks here.
    Indulge me a couple of side notes:
    Co-worker had inherited a COLT Detective Special, mfg. late 50s/60. It had been decades since I shot a revolver “for score”, so ran a couple of “Wizards” from pocket, w/Airweight 642(old backup). First, +P hurts a little more-
    Second, couldn’t put a clean run together, so may get at this w/wadcutters at a later date.
    Finally, going back to G19MOS on Wizard. Had turned dot off to handle weapon and clean glass before revolver. So, surprise(!) on 3yd. shooting hand only. Technically a fail @2.56, but a valuable learning moment; went to backup sight and made shot.
    Check your gear, folks!

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    1. 16.72 - 92 points/ my very first tryout
    2. 17.92 - 94 points
    3. 13.61 - 91 points
    4. 11.48 - 81 points/ my limit with a stock Glock 17 Gen.4 & factory ammo

    p.s. 10 seconds or less is something that can be achieved with the Glock 34. Will give it a try next time.

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    Gen5 19MOS, from the ready, two attempts:

    1. 83 points in 15-16 seconds, fail on points
    2. 94 points in 12 seconds and change-PASS

    This is a good exercise/evaluation. I’ll be putting this in the mix, and work up to draw, then concealed draw.
    Thanks for posting it

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    Cz 75 SP01 Tactical, strong side belt holster, winter vest for concealment

    1st attempt- Fail- 82 points in 10.59
    2nd attempt- Fail- 83 points in 10.90
    3rd attempt- Fail- 84 points in 12.25

    Obviously I need to slow down and take advantage of the lengthy par time.

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    I had to keep working at it. Now, after really getting after it, I can consistently maintain 90-92 points sub 14 seconds!

    CZ SP01 tactical/belt slide holster/winter vest as concealment/ hands at side

    Best time/points

    11.46 with a score of 91

    Like I mentioned earlier I can pretty much make the point requirement with in 14 seconds with great consistency. I’m sure someone on here will break 10, maybe even 9!

    I found this drill to really help with keeping my trigger control in check. It’s a great drill!

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    I gave this a go with my RTF2 G17 (KKM barrel) and G45 yesterday.

    G45 - 86 in 15.50 sec
    G17 - 86 in 16 and change (forgot to write it down)

    This is a slight improvement over last week's maiden attempt. Most notably for me was pursuant to another active thread from @YVK I shot the whole 175 round session yesterday including these using target focus instead of front sight focus.

    I need to get this tempo down to properly use the time as this is like the 10 sec stages in The Humbler albeit those are two five shot stages.
    "I realized all the mindset talk was useless without action and that with action, all the mindset talk was unnecessary." - Mike Pannone

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    Gave it a few more tries before the deadline. All runs with Langdon PX4CC:

    90 in 20.64, -10 for the OT shot = 80

    After that near pass, I tried to pick up the pace:

    55 in 15.52
    42 in 15.71

    Just wasn’t feeling the cadence, so I decided to move on.

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