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Thread: AIWB holster thickness

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    AIWB holster thickness

    This is a holster I bought for a full size Glock with an X300. There seems to be more thickness than is needed for the light. Is this typical of all light bearing holsters? I知 currently in the process of putting together a G19 with RMR and I知 considering going with the thinner NightStick light but a thinner holster for the X300 is intriguing also. Thoughts? Hopefully you can see what I知 talking about in the picture.

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    The bezel of the light has to pass through that area, so it has to be that big.

    IF thickness is what your worried about just don't carry a WML. ( I know... you'll get killt on da strezts if you dont)
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    You're sorta stuck with a certain level of thickness for light bearing holsters. You also need a channel for the light that's larger that the trigger area which adds to bull. A smaller light will likely work better.
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    I like the tenicor sagax lux holster. I use it with a nightstick 550xl and surefire xc1, I gave up aiwb full size lights. The tenicor has the least material needed for a wml.

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    Thanks for the responses.

    10mm - Which of those lights do you prefer? Do you have any issues with the uncovered portion of the light with the Sagax? Since Tenicor doesn稚 offer a mag pouch, do you carry one? If so, what brand?

    The Sagax looks interesting. I may try one of those.

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    I would say that my three DSG Rigels fit closer to the light/pistol that that. It's hard to tell since the pistol is not fully inserted, though. The Henry I had was a tight fit too
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