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Thread: What classes are you taking in 2020?

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    What classes are you taking in 2020?

    This didn't feel like it fit anywhere else, so it's going to General.

    So far, I've scheduled Close Quarters Gunfighting with Greg Ellifritz and Revolver Skills with Chuck Haggard, both hosted by FPF. I'm planning on running a j-frame and/or LCR for both classes. I need more instructor-led time with the little guns...

    Not sure what else I'm going to take. I need some non-gun SD instruction, but I'm not sure if I want to go to knife or bare-hand. I could also use a bit more medical/first-aid work. I should probably take another shotgun class, though it'll be a repeat of previous classes since I've taken all but three available around here (with the remaining class being more of an introduction to the two I've attended). Even a repeat of previous courses would be good since much of what we do can't be done on a public range.

    What about you fine folks?


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    I'm planning on John Murphy's Concealed Carry: Advanced Skills and Tactics (ASAT) in March - I can actually commute to this class rather than get a room for two nights! - and Palisades Training Group's Snub-Nose Revolver Class taught by Hany Mahmoud in April. I haven't planned farther out than that yet.

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    Vogel Dynamics, Rogers and SIG Academy in 2020.

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    What classes are you taking in 2020?

    Iím going to try to make a Scott Jedlinski red dot class. I have no real experience with handguns with red dots mounted to them and it sounds like my employer will be authorizing dots on guns within the next few years. I now own a handgun with a red dot on it and would like to be able to make an informed decision when it comes time to decide if I want one on my work gun. Thatís going to require some good training and subsequent practice.
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    Iím going to try that Ellifritz close quarters class. One of the locations is close to home.

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    Establishing the Dominance Paradigm. Some other classes at Tiger Swan Facility since they're close and if I can get the wife on board I'm trying to swing getting into another Gabe White class and something else with South Narc.

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    The Academi range in Salem, CT runs a bunch of evening classes. They're often a pretty good value. They announce each month's schedule near the end of the previous month, so we'll see.

    They have a Defensive Revolver class next week, which I've signed up for.
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    Going back to school to pick up where I left off in my Masters program: adult ed and professional developmemt.

    And maybe IAJJ and ECQC again....


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    Only one for sure is Keith Tylerís TFI academy, which is uspsa oriented and involved 7 monthly live fire sessions, dry fire homework, and shooting matches as a squad when possible. I may do the FAS IDPA Bootcamp too, but we will see. My house needs a new furnace, and Iíve already invested in LASR and CoolFire to enhance dry fire training at home.
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    As of right now, I am signed up for Defoor handgun. Still waiting for the nearby range (host) to release the 2020 schedule to see what will be available.

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