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Thread: Rx shooting glasses with thin arms

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    Rx shooting glasses with thin arms

    I am apparently abnormally sensitive to pressure from glasses over/behind my ears. I strongly prefer plugs and muffs to protect what's left of my hearing. The muffs add pressure, so I'm looking to minimize the thickness of the glasses frames arms as well as minimize the disruption of the audio seal.

    I'm not a fan of arms that basically go straight back and try to hang onto your head by applying force with sticky rubber/silicone inserts. That's all wrong in several ways, at least for me. It makes a lot more sense to make hooks that go over those flanges built into each side of your head. Then you don't have to clamp very hard to have them stay put effectively.

    Adding to that, I'm finally at a point where I think it might be worthwhile to try prescription shooting glasses, especially with long gun iron sights.

    Any suggestions?
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    I feel your pain, the long term solution is to go to and begin reversing your condition (assuming it can be in your case, idk). Have nothing to offer otherwise, but this approach is legit in my opinion.

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    I use and love the ESS Crossbow Suppressor glasses. They have the thinnest arms I have seen and the lenses are 2.4mm thick for extra protection. I don't think they meet all of your requirements (hooked arms) but I get headaches from muffs over thick eyepro arms and these have helped immensely. They also accept rx inserts.

    I always double up but I have noticed they also helped get better seals on my muffs. For extra comfort - peltor gel ear cups are awesome.
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    HD Hunter gold's has an aviator pair and they do prescription lenses. They will also custom fit lenses in your own frame. The HDs are my favorite pair but I only demoed them for one day at a match. They're on my wishlist
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    Couldn't say about the glasses, but get you some Noisefighter gel cups. Way more comfortable to wear with any kind of rx or sunglasses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_Uno View Post
    Couldn't say about the glasses, but get you some Noisefighter gel cups. Way more comfortable to wear with any kind of rx or sunglasses.
    This. The gel cups seem to me to have less pressure and breath better.

    Also, you can get glasses adjusted, which will adjust the pressure behind your ears, then consider a strap to hold them to your head. Might be something else to consider.

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    +1 on the @Noisefighters gel cups. As soon as I put them on my MSA Sordins, my glasses (prescription) and Eyepro (Elvex) sat much more comfortably.

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    Rudy Project Rydons are excellent under ear pro. Thin triangular shaped arms that allow a good seal.

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    I have the ESS Ice, which have pretty thin arms - but still have a little meat at the end to allow the pin for the strap. I use MSA sordins with gel cups too but I would still get some pain after wearing over an hour or so. I just grabbed some 80 grit sand paper and sanded down the thick part - problem solved, no more pain.
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    Classic styles like Ray-Ban and Randolph may work

    Ray-ban Shooters

    Randolph Ranger

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