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Thread: Pistol shooting with cold hands

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    A number of years ago in NYS at 15ish degrees to check sights on a Glock 17 Gen4. I wore gloves when I could during sight adjustment and mag loading, but no gloves while shooting.

    After around an hour and a half I absolutely could not feel my fingers. I found that being familiar with a proper trigger press meant I could perform it even when I couldn't feel it. My grip was more difficult to maintain. I found my support regripping.

    Overall, my shooting suffered after the shivering started. Hits got worse, sight picture became more difficult and I started trying to shoot when it looked perfect... the trigger fell apart as well.

    Personally, I know that when my fingers turn that shade of red/pink that gives that pins and needles feeling I need to be shooting something with a larger margin of error.

    At that time my ability wasn't as high as I imagined. None the less serious cold (borderline injury induced by foolishness) hurt my groupings. Mostly by grip and shivers.

    Of course I live in Florida now. So that's not much of a problem.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JHC View Post
    Frozen hands! REAL cold weather gloves is another animal!

    I'm sort of surprised the thinner grip was the hardest to manage. It might not be thinness but the recoil impulse although I didn't think the .45 from a 1911 was so tough.
    I have to agree that even my Glock 26s with a two-finger grip is easy to manage in the cold weather. The thicker grip just fills the hand better and creates more leverage. You many wish to grab a muff and toss a hot hand pack or two in there.

    15 yard Bill Drills and Target transitions went just fine today.

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