A real fight to live is always going to be dynamic.

26 years ago I was face down on a restaurant floor with a gun held over me. 100% I believed that I would be killed, but the drop was on me and the gunman was serious I believed. I was an employee of the establishment. I chose to comply yet thought about what I could do or grab to hit him with......Given the circumstance I decided my chances of fighting to stop him were low. My gun was in my car (absolutely useless) I grew up shooting guns my entire life but in no way was I mentally prepared for this situation. I ended up being forced into a freezer and wasnít shot,,,pure luck on my part.

That experience changed me forever, how I think, my vigilance, everything.

Without numbers or spewing what canít be or will work, Iíll just say that being prepared to fight ďquicklyĒ with the mindset of taking care of business when it occurs is pretty much your only hope in an exposed circumstance like in the video shown. Thereís no way to make it safe being exposed like that. The chance of getting shot in a private business containing cash is as high or higher perhaps than working patrol.

Possessing the skill to be calm and conduct your business as needed as well as possessing the skill to be faster reacting with violence faster than the adversary both could be the difference between surviving or dying in ones daily normally peaceful environment. Displaying a firearm isnít enough to thwart a thug. As someone else said already here, they shoot at each other and arenít afraid.......... They donít care.....

What can be learned here? Doing business in todayís society is dangerous, where there is money there is a draw for the thugs to come and take it. If youíre going to be exposed, learning to fight beyond target shooting is vital. Itís never going to be safe.