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Thread: Rimfire rifle for girlfriend

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    Rimfire rifle for girlfriend

    So my girlfriend has expressed an interest in buying a rifle. Specifically, a .22. She is very into lite prepping and wants a rifle that would be fun to learn the basics of marksmanship with, but also would be practical for taking small game. Planning on buying this for her as an Xmas gift.

    No real preference on semi vs. bolt. Would prefer a traditional looking rifle (ie. wood stock or similar). I want this to be her gun, so something that is reasonably user friendly to field strip would be a plus (bolt guns have appeal here).

    Currently looking at the 10/22 and the CZ 457 Rimfire series. Any other suggestions? Also will probably want some kind of reasonably inexpensive optic to go with this - not sure about scope vs. red dot, but open to suggestions.

    The last rimfire rifle I owned was a Marlin Model 60 that was a massive POS that I literally gave away, so I have no experience in this regard whatsoever. All advice is appreciated. thanks!
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    It sounds like you're on a great track, either of those rifles can be whatever you want them to be, and are of high quality.

    I had an ex who was taken with the little Browning rifle, but she was really into stuff like nickel plating, engraving, and nice wood.

    For hunting, I'd lean towards one of the smaller, lighter 1-X variables. A threaded barrel would give you suppressor capability down the road.
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    Can't go wrong with a 10/22 and I'll be picking up a CZ 455 for my son in another year or two. I thinks its a coin toss or just preference for auto or bolt. Wither would serve your purposes well.

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    10/22 is the easy button, and can't really criticize it.

    I tried an inexpensive Savage. Making it not a POS cost more than buying a CZ. I now have too many CZ rimfire rifles.

    The CZ I'm messing around with right now is a 512 Carbine. 16.5-in threaded barrel, iron sights, lousy trigger. Still like it. Newer ones are better. If you get a 512, you want one with one recoil spring and that allows you to run the bolt all the way back with the safety on. If you go the CZ route, I have been down around all the circles on scope mounting options and can help.

    The rabbit hole is over at Of course, everyone there thinks their preferred brand is the best... But some of them are pretty knowledgeable.
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    Thompson/Center T/CR22, an improved 10/22

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    We picked up one of the Henry rimfire lever guns a few years ago. It has been a stellar performer and hits that blued steel and wood profile. Quite fun to shoot and a good trainer for several ladies in my family who have access to the larger lever guns for any "serious social purposes".

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    10-22 would be my first choice. There are a million options with after market stuff. CZ would be a close second. Probably come down to semi auto vs. bolt.

    For a scope you might look into a low powered variable. I have an older Weaver 1-3 on a 10-22 and the kids love it.

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    Sounds like a great trade ...

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    The light weight and length of pull of the Tactical Solutions X-Ring rifle with the Hogue Overmolded stock make them extremely friendly to small-stature people. We have two, one in olive green and one in pink, both wearing Leupold scopes (green has a 4X and pink and a 8x). I suggest shopping the various gun fora and finding one used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guerrero View Post
    Thompson/Center T/CR22, an improved 10/22
    Iíve been quite impressed with the TCR22. I have the original version with the stripped down Magpul Hunter stock. Itís a great little setup and has run quite well for me. I even did a write up on it if anyone is interested in my actual experiences.

    They now have multiple variants with different barrel profiles and stocks.
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