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Thread: Black Friday 2019 Deals Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlongJohnson View Post
    I have a few Magpul items on my list, but I haven't found anyone with Magpul stuff on sale at prices that beat the everyday prices if you just go to and see what the best price is. So no reason to drop that money for another month or two.

    Anyone know something useful about Magpul this weekend that I don't?
    Olong, look @ AimSurplus and add Magpul items to your cart - 15% to 20% off I believe. No coupon code. You can try Primary Arms too but Im not sure on that one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OlongJohnson View Post
    As I noted, isn't doing anything special for Black Friday, but is still significantly cheaper than a few parts I spot checked from that Rifle Gear sale. I have buddies who like Rifle Gear as a great local shop in CA, so nothing against them. is your friend.

    I'd stick with something non-permanent, like maybe 3M mounting tape. I'll figure it out when the HK hate/suck package gets here.
    Thanks for the tip, is new to me though I try to shop local for stuff like this when I can

    RG is in Tejas too

    3M VHB is a good call forgot about that

    Geiselle URG-I back in stock...
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    Costco is working with Cannon - 60-minute fire rated, 72-gun, safe (Residential Storage Container, actually). $699 after rebate -

    Similarly, Im hearing Academy has a 64-gun Cannon for 500 bucks.

    I remember when these things were 1500 bucks. Has the quality deteriorated? Or is this just a reflection of the a big shipment from China?

    The locks on these things are meh - but at 700 bucks - you could still spring for an Amsec Rotobolt lock and even paying a locksmith to install it will still keep the price well below $1200.
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    Beretta 92FS Type M9A1 Compact 9mm Pistol at Arms Unlimited for $525.

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    Lanbo's Armory always has the best prices on Magpul, probably better still than any sales prices this weekend.

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    Solum Tool has 25% off on HK mag extensions with code CYBER2019 for cyber Monday.
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    Pennsylvania has Wolf Gold .223 back up for $269/1K shipped.

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    My favorite Magpul shirt is on sale at Brownells and I bought two (my wife stole the first one).

    It's nearly twice the price at Amazon.

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    Cyber Monday: 20% off everything* and free shipping

    ETA: They have the UltraComp pocket holsters at $9 sale pricing, too.
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    1000A $45 portable car jumper, just got well reviewed. I ordered one.

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