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Thread: Light for Browning Auto 5?

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    Man, that thing wants to make someone apologize.

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    I just got back from the range function testing it. I had tested prior with the friction rings set for heavy loads. As expected low recoil stuff was no bueno that way. So I reset it. It's a pain with the light mount and extended tube. It now runs Win Ranger low recoil slugs, 8 pellet Fed FC low recoil, and Win AA 1145 FPS bird shot like the energizer bunny. Mission accomplished. It's now my house gun. Only thing left is mounting a sling.

    @SeriousStudent, I'm seriously thinking about a Form 1 also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan1980 View Post
    All you had to do was ask...

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    Weird perspective. The stock is short, but it's not that short.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan1980 View Post
    Nice! Some may recall I did the same to a Remington 1187 Premier. There's just something about a serious-use shotgun dressed in wood;

    Back OT, I've had good luck with these -

    It held a light on my 1187P securely. As long as the magazine extension does not turn on the A5 and you can match the mount to the magazine diameter, it should work.
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