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Thread: What is a good cheapish practice round (40S&W and 38 Sp)?

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    What is a good cheapish practice round (40S&W and 38 Sp)?

    Guys I have a Glock 22 and S&W M&P 40, as well as a Ruger LCR 38 special.

    I am going to buy in bulk some rounds for practice and fun, what type of round and what price per round is decent for 40S&W and 38sp?

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    Both of those cost a bit more than 9mm, and I haven't shopped for .40 for awhile since dumping that caliber.

    Good loads would be any of the US made 180gr FMJFP, in .38 I tend to use the 130 ball from either Winchester or Remington because it's available around here, when I can get it the 158gr RNL from Federal American Eagle line shoots right to the sights on my 642s and is very accurate in my guns. Lately when I qual with my 642s at work I've been using WWB 100 round bulk packs in the 130gr FMJ flavor.

    I have a friend who shoots a lot of IDPA and USPSA matches and he swears by Georgia Arms. Going with the bulk GA .38 ammo is something I am going to try this summer.

    You might find this useful;
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    Go to SG ammo and take a look around.

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