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Thread: Doubts about 9mm

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0ddl0t View Post
    Yeah, it was in stock about a month ago, but went fast. If you really love the stuff, you might see if fatdog's LGS still has some. This was his post from a couple weeks back:
    I picked a few boxes up in Huntsville, AL at this place, but I don't know that they ship it or sell over the internet. I only get past there about once a month and it was a couple of weeks ago...

    Stuff runs fine, decent practice ammo at least.

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    I began reading the self defense caliber wars before many here were born and have seen pendulums and dicks swing back and forth and band wagons roll until they hit a ditch. I think that bullet technology has solved our problems. Follow Doc's advice and win in every case. Did anyone notice that when a poster questioned the status quo too closely, others became unsettled? Such events occurred almost 50 years ago when the 9mm had high status but lost it later. It was true when the .45ACP was hot at the same time, and people criticized each other with great vigor.

    If I knew that I faced danger, I would carry a high capacity pistol and would have my HK P2000 357 Sig in my pants. Why? My bias. No matter what facts you place before me, I am convinced that this pistol is more deadly than your pistol in some other caliber. Once I blew a poor opossum into 2 parts with it. You would not believe what this round will do to a dirt clod. Please don't bug me with facts. Pester Doc instead. Thank you.

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