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Thread: Vetting a Defensive Pump Shotgun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha Sierra View Post
    25 yards zero? For a home defense shotgun?


    There isn't any single place in my house where the farthest distance is over 15 yards, and the longest one is the non-walkout basement. Any place where someone could gain access into from the outside is less than 10 yards across, most of them much less.

    "Vetting" a home defense shotgun with dozens and dozens of different loads? LOL, these fantasies.
    Donít shake it too hard, you might hurt yourself.

    We generally zero shotguns for 25 yards at work and they are fine for 3 yards to 25 yards with both slugs and FFC 00. In the case of the OP he is doing a 50 yard zero due to the patterning of his particular gun.

    If one didnít have adjustable sights, trying different loads to find one that patterns/hits POA/POI is not unreasonable.

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    A 25 yard zero on a shotgun with rifle sights is generally good for use from 5 yards out to 50 with Flight Control or slugs. Assuming the slugs hit to the same POA as the buckshot, anyway.

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