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Thread: Issues with PF site speed today

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    Issues with PF site speed today

    Just in my neck of the woods? Everything takes 30 seconds or longer IF it succeeds and I donít get a 503 error

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    I am in a hotel on their WiFi and was starting to wonder if the commies had gun stuff blocked, but working now.

    LL Probably needed to TIOTIBO, the solution to sooooo many computer problems!!

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    Sluggish as all get out.

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    I've had connection issues on and off for hours...only with this site.
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    Same here. Seems ok right now though.
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    On and off all morning over here.
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    I'm having the issue on this and a truck forum I frequent.
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    Ditto yesterday. Multiple failures to fill.
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    I knew about this last night. Network issue with our provider. Nothing I can fix.

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