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Thread: VDC Megingjörð Review

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    VDC Megingjörð Mini Review

    On a whim I purchased the AIWB specific Megingjord belt from V Dev group. I really like it and it is the first 1.5" belt I have found that allows me to carry AIWB as well as a Wilderness 1.75" 5 stitch.

    For reference, I have tried a lot of belts including the thinner 1.5" and or less stiff Wilderness Frequent Flyer and Instructor models, the Graith Specialist and older Mastermind belts. I didn't care for the Graith or MM stuff at all due to flimsiness and roll over AIWB. I have used the 1.75" frequent flyer at least 5-6 years, but noticed some back skin irritation mainly while rucking which I have started to do quite a bit of lately.

    Unpackaging the Megingjord is kind of a let down. It feels super flimsy coming from the Wilderness 5 stitch and has this bulky bit where the flimsy area meets the stiff zone. The buckle is difficult to use and adjust, but once adjusted, it is crazy secure. Just don't be in a hurry to drop your pants.

    However: The Megingjord works as advertised. The G19 is at least as stable at the 1.75" 5 stitch and the conforming rest of the belt is very comfortable and remains so all day, even rucking up to 7 miles or driving 4 hours so far. I am convinced enough I ordered a second one and am looking to swap back to 1.5" hardware on my holster. Disclosure: I paid for the gear all by self with no outside influence. It simply made my life more comfortable and I am passing that on.

    Just FYI, it appears to be good kit. Do not buy this belt for anything other than AIWB carry though.
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    I want to update this review:

    I just hiked 16 miles in the Grand Canyon while carrying a belted ~20lb daypack using the Meginjord with zero difficulties. I did not carry a pistol at the same time AIWB, preferring a SafePacker on the pack for this application. Hiking with a belted pack is an area where the stiffer Wilderness belts really suffered. The super stiff belts would pinch and grind my muffin top on longer hikes and often I would carry very thin thin belt for my pants and put the thicker gun belt on after getting to camp when I wanted to go back to IWB and get the gun off my pack.

    My other solution was using the Easy Fit Wilderness underbelt for hiking as it is reasonably supportive, has no buckle, and has enough stiffness to hold a pistol if needed. This worked okay.

    The Meginjord has made all that superfluous. I can wear it to hike, then throw the pistol in a holster in camp and carry it no problem.

    I have a few annoyances with the Meginjord:

    1. I miss the hoop shape the stiffer belts make when attached to pants on the floor which made donning pants faster and easier.
    2. I still find the buckle futzy when taking on and off or dropping pants for a bathroom break. It's just kind of slow, but I don't know any short cuts for that, unless one just uses the velcro instead of the buckle.
    3. And the belt feels flimsy. I get that this is why it is comfortable, but I worry about durability. A little. I just bought a second as a backup.

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    Good to hear you're wearing it while your actually doing stuff instead of just sitting around.

    The v3 with the Gaetir, allows for single looping and fast removal, in case you need to get to the toilet as fast as humanly possible. You can double loop it like, which I do all standard, and it's pretty simple to remove, just hold the belt in place as you much the tongue of the belt out of the buckle.

    As for it being flimsy, you can either have comfort or rigidity, you can't have both regardless of what anyone tries to sell you, that's just not how it works. For AIWB comfort is the name of the game, and there only ever needs to be one "rigid" section, and that's at the gun area. Other than that, as it's been described, the belt is designed around AIWB and comfort, not iwb strong side (although people use it as such) not owb carry or owb mag pouches, nothing like that. Maybe a blade aiwb, maybe a mag pouch iwb, depending on mounting hardware.

    The belt is highly durable, the original v3 prototype which I've been carrying since it was made (more 6 months ago) looks new and I've been wearing it 12-16hrs a day. I still have the v2/v1 and they are perfectly fine with no issues, a highly regarded US company using top quality materials puts it together, there's absolutely zero issue with durability.
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    I wouldn’t worry about it being flimsy or durable. I’ve had my gen 2 about a year and it’s held up fantastic. I don’t wear any other belts.

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    I have a Gen 2 I've been using for years. Has dramatically reduced discomfort in seated positions. Definitely one of the best AIWB-specific belts I've used. Never had issues with durability - only concern (As with most gunbelts) is velcro will wear out eventually, but thats minor. Never used a belt with a loop/hook buckle so can't really compare.

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    Another fan of the Megingjord here. I have owned one for a bit over a year now, and other than the 9 month break, I wear it daily and plan to buy a v3 sometime next year. No belt has been anywhere near this comfortable for AIWB. While not begin too active with it, I wore it(non stop), while driving from NC to SD and back.

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    I think I need to give one of these a try soon, makes a lot of sense having the dual stiffness qualities. I have not found AIWB too comfortable at all, this may solve it for me.

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    I am really enjoying my Megingjord belt. It has made AIWB much more comfortable and concealed for me. I thought I just wasn't built for AIWB, but now I think found the secret.

    Thanks VDev!
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