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Thread: LE uniforms dressing down ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UNM1136 View Post
    No. The AutoLock is a beast to carry, and I already own it. All of the ASPs I have had broke on one of the taper locks. The AutoLock uses loaded ball bearings,IIRC three per shaft, so nine total to lock it in the open positition. I have used and abused it for a decade and a half, and still have enough confidence in it that I have no problem opening negotiations with a pool cue jab.

    Baton realted roll call story as soon as I get around to typing it.

    Excellent. Will look forward to it! The pool cue jab was always a favorite. Whether with a Koga stick, PR or a SL-20. I wear a 38 inch sleeve so I get plenty oomph behind it "OOMPH being the sound you hear when you make the jab" LOLz
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyotesfan97 View Post
    I’m one of the few left that carries a full size rechargeable LED Maglite for reasons too.

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    I need to replace my SL20 (aluminum body, high output incandescent, low output LEDs) since it went TU a while back. The poly bodied lights suck. LED/rechargeable Maglight is in the running, but I keep finding other shiny things to take my uniform allowance, since I have so many other lights to use. Next year's uniform allowance is going to a suppressor for my patrol rifle.


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    I've got a stack of broken Autolocks in a locker. They break. We replace them with Peacekeepers.

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    Getting back to the actual uniforms, I don't think the regional nature can be over-stated. For eastern city/suburban types, the dark blue wool/poly uniform with bus-driver style hat is the traditional. Out west things are different- I went to a training with a Wyoming game warden and their tradition was much more practical for what they do, plus it seems culturally acceptable for the region:
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Hearne View Post
    True except... The expandable from Peacekeeper are a different ball game. They are heavier but the extra weight is concentrated in the tip. When you do drills, there is a dramatic difference between a strike from an ASP or Monadnock and a Peacekeeper. Like the difference between .38 Special wadcutters and full-house .357 magnum.
    I'll have to check them out. We have ASPs and they suck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paherne View Post
    I've got a stack of broken Autolocks in a locker. They break. We replace them with Peacekeepers.
    Reading their website, if I have to replace my AutoLock the Peacekeeper is the replacement. Their opening instruction also fits my roll call story....


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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNewbie View Post
    Is their holster for the baton any good?

    We haven't broken any yet and my guys can break things.....
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