Combat Absolute will be running an eight hour "basic" pistol course on November 24, 2019 in Boise, Idaho. Course fee: $110

Course information and enrollment is available at

Course Description

This course will focus on critically essential pistol fundamentals, with an emphasis on efficiency of movement. Additionally, students will learn basic holster techniques, accurate target engagement, pistol malfunction techniques and proper weapon manipulation. This class will focus on the basics, but will progress throughout the day. This curriculum will push people out of their comfort zone, and allow people to analyze aspects of their pistol performance. Students will be provided diagnostic feedback, which they can use to set a baseline for future pistol performance. This class will prepare you for "higher speed" courses.

All work will be done from the holster. Students will need a serviceable pistol, minimum of three magazines, range appropriate holster (no cross draw or shoulder holsters), and magazine pouch to hold two spare magazines. Holster should not collapse upon itself after drawing pistol, and must allow single handed re-holstering.

Please bring your own food, snacks and hydration. Bring weather related clothing and gear, to include sunscreen. A lunch break will be provided midway through training. Class will take place at Double Tapp Range, located at 14010 E Double Tapp Lane, Boise, ID 83716.

Round count approximately 500.