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Thread: Reloading for a Comp

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    Reloading for a Comp

    Anyone want to share their thoughts, process and ideas for loading for a comp. Not necessarily concerned about USPSA Open and Major Power Factor.

    Service guns with comps, GSSF Unlimited, etc.

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    The slowest powder you can get away with will produce more gas to maximize the effectiveness of the comp. IOW hot loads make them work better.

    I donít like comped pistols so thatís all I got.

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    Working up a load for a comp just means you should prioritize slow burning powders and lighter bullets. There are a bunch of good slow powders out there. 3N38, N105, Shooter's World Major Pistol are some popular ones. You'll probably want to play with some different loads until you find one you like best. Standard 'ladder' method workup will work fine, just use a slow powder for more gas. Also don't forget to keep an eye out for excessive pressure signs.

    You might have to mess around with springs in your gun to get it to work best with your comp.

    What compensator and what pistol platform are you using?

    ETA: I enjoy shooting USPSA Open, so I do care about power factor, but the basic principles are the same.
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    I have a G4 17 that I put a Burris Fastfire II on and a comp for GSSF Unlimited. I used to have a Jaeger many port comp that I recently swapped out for a Zev 3 port comp. So far my experience with 13lb springs and 135+ PF runs everything fine. I just want to make the most of the comp to win more matches.
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    Ok cool. That should work well. The Glock will be happier with not-major 9mm loads anyway.

    Other things, remember to watch your case overall length (OAL) for feeding. For a glock (or other 9mm service pistol), you're probably looking to keep it less than something like 1.169". Keep that in mind if you find 9mm loads to play with. Of course, your gun may vary, so you should do the plunk test on your barrel and make sure that feeds through your mags.

    Plunk test reference in case you need it:

    Also, it's better to not shoot FMJ bullets. Shoot JHPs or TMJ/CMJs instead. FMJs have an exposed lead base, which gets lead all over your comp, and that's a pain to clean.

    You can check to see if your load is producing more gas than your comp can work with by firing into a blank target 1-2" away from your muzzle, and looking at the resulting pattern on the target. (h/t to "Getting the most out of your Compensator" for that on the Brazos custom website). Basically, if you have a big ring, you're wasting gas.

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