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Thread: Recommendations on 1911 VZ Grip patterns for IWB

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    Recommendations on 1911 VZ Grip patterns for IWB

    Somewhat in line with some of the recent 1911 threads I've been pawing through, I've been carrying my 1911 pistols more and more it seems. Preferred method being full steel 5" gov models in JMCK AIWB holsters, all with kydex split loops. However, my job demands that I wear a suit 3-5 days per week, dress belt and shirt tucked, making AIWB sub-optimal. I want to start toting a 1911 during those times as well and have my sights set on a lightweight DW ECO. I'll likely go back to Milt Sparks for a criterion holster and belt to wear on those suit days.

    My question: All of my 1911s wear VZ grips in either the Operator II or Simonich pattern. I love love love the look and feel of both these grips, but, I'm worried that they may tear my suit jackets to pieces over the long term. It appears that the regular Operator has a checkering pattern near the front strap as opposed to the golfballs on the Op II. VZ has the texture listed as medium. I've handled the 320 and the ETC and they don't give me confidence inspiring purchase.

    Anyone have any experience with all of these grips? Is the OP noticeably less aggressive than the OP II? Anyone carry IWB with them?
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    The 320s are "mild" in texture I believe "medium" is a step-up, but you may want to double-check with VZ on that. The VZ double-diamonds are a good texture compromise, in my opinion, between the relatively smooth 320 and the highly aggressive Gunner.

    You could also opt to have your suit jackets tailored with reinforcements in the grip area (like with suede patches) to prevent them being destroyed.
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    Ive taken the sharpness off every set of VZ's that I use. Go with a fine sandpaper, until it's "suit"able for you

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    Ask your tailor to install liners in your suit jackets that are more abrasion resistant than the regular liners. I also have my suit jackets cut a bit wider at the belt line so that the pistol and spare magazines do not print. When I buy suits, I bring my carry gear. Tailors are quite familiar with the needs of concealed carry in dress clothes.

    If I know my jacket is not going to be worn (three weeks ago temps were in the upper 90s with high humidity), I use a Sparks Nexus with the tuckable clips from a VM-2 and tuck the shirt over the pistol and holster.

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    Clear packing tape inside a jacket is a field expedient/proof of concept way to address possible abrasion by the grip panels on the lining of a suit jacket.

    Taking a fine grit sanding sponge and "tuning" those grip panel (i.e. 5 swipes at a time) will likely work as well.

    Fnally, a pivot to a rubber grip panels i.e. OEM Kimber or classic MEUSOC Pacymayr Grips would you get some "grippiness" without the fabric abrasion issues. I have found both the Kimber and the Pachmayr rubber grips to NOT
    grab the fabric of the jacket such they do not compromise concealment.

    YMMV Greatly.

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    My favorite VZ grips are the frag pattern for this use. They are flat/smooth on top so your concealing garment brushing against them doesn't cause any abrasion, but when you bear down on your firing grip the ridges and corners of the frag squares really bite in and provide a strong grip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash41984 View Post
    My question: All of my 1911s wear VZ grips in either the Operator II or Simonich pattern.

    I've handled the 320 and the ETC and they don't give me confidence inspiring purchase.
    I think you may have a bias you may not be able to overcome.

    If I were choosing, I'd pick between the 320's or the Gator Backs, and I like the feel of micarta over the more popular G10.


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    Double diamonds have a little grip but not as much as Gunners.

    Nothing is as good as Pachmayr as far far as functionality is concerned. The primary gripping surfaces of a 1911 are the front and backstraps, the grip panels don't actually do much.

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    Sand the Operator 2's right panel only. Done.

    I think the Operator 2 is noticeably better than the 1. I carry the golf-ball pattern IWB and with a lightly sanded right panel. It's generally fine.
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    I use the ETC/Frag on my carry gun and have been very happy with them. They don't chew up my shirts and are "grippy" enough.

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