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Thread: Kaboom!

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    Quote Originally Posted by willie View Post
    ...Last year I visited David at Cajun and his crew when passing through their town. They are as kind, gracious, and courteous as they are knowledgeable...
    You shoot a lot. Can you hit cans or rocks thrown in the air?
    I'll check out ChemTool. A quick Google just now couldn't determine whether it is chlorinated, which can cause stress-cracking in steel. I do use Gunscrubber, which is non-chlorinated.

    I like CGW, and David has been generous with his time. I've spent a ton of money on parts from them, so I think it's worked out.

    I haven't shot at many things thrown in the air. It's hard to find a safe place around here to do that. I bet I'm not that good at it because my trap shooting skills are pretty mediocre. I'm primarily focused on USPSA, and being competitive at the M/GM level takes a lot of work--and a lot of bullets. But it's great fun!
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    "carbine-infested rural (and suburban) areas"
    I assume this is the family of products Willie meant. A few different versions, probably just depending on where you are in the country and local AQ regulations.

    If you go to the product page and click the SDS link, it will take you to the MSDS with a list of chemical components.
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    I was loading some 9mm practice ammo over the weekend and had an occurrence that reminded me of this thread.

    As I was loading, I noticed one case had more powder than normal. Thinking I had some kind of powder dispenser issue I immediately stopped what I was doing to check things out.

    Turns out I had a small rock inside this one case. How the little pebble got stuck in there I have no idea. How it made it through tumbling, depriming, sizing and repriming is an even bigger mystery. The decapping pin appeared unaffected, by the way. I guess the pebble was small enough that it got bumped to the side by the pin.

    The pebble was sort of rectangular in shape. Just big enough to sort of nestle inside the case but small enough that it didn't cause any issues up to the powder station. Yikes!

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