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Thread: Favorite 9mm training ammo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBP55 View Post
    Range 147gr. American Eagle
    Carry 147gr. HST
    Never had an issue with either which I purchase by the case.
    Same POA/POI both rounds run my Gen 5 19 with Comp and my Gen 3 17 with Comp without spring changes as well. Not a single malfunction with either round in either pistol.
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    Geco 115 or 124 gr
    Fiocchi 115 gr
    S&B 115 or 124 gr
    UMC 115 gr

    Those are my usual go to loads. They tend to be some of the cheapest, they function very well, and shoot accurately in my pistols.
    I don't have any qualms with

    Magtech 115/124
    Aguila 115
    Winchester NATO
    Federal Champion

    When the price is right. That's pretty much all the flavors that have been through my Beretta. It has not been picky with much of anything, at least out to 25 yards. I seem to get far more drop from it beyond that, but that's another topic.

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