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Thread: Favorite 9mm training ammo?

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    Favorite 9mm training ammo?

    And why?

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    Speer Lawman 147 TMJ.

    1) The flat point makes nice, visible holes in targets.

    2) It works. I've not had any of the problems with dead primers, out of round cases, squibs, ect that cheaper ammo can produce.

    3) It's close to my normal 147 grn carry load (either HST or Gold Dot)

    4) At $200 a case, it's not all that bad, price wise.
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    115 or 124 FMJ "pulls" or Bayou Coated Bullet reloaded over WSF or VVN320 or similar powders, range pickup brass, whatever small pistol primer is cheap/available. Loaded on my Dillon 550. Why - cheap and I actually like reloading. I leave the press setup and I reload 1000 at a time during the week - always have plenty on hand. Most of my shooting friends leave their brass on ground so "unlimited" 9mm brass. I buy projectiles when on sale by the thousand or by the "USPS box full" for reduced shipping costs.
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    It's a toss-up between S&B 124-grain FMJ and Winchester NATO-spec 124-grain FMJ. They're accurate, reliable, and reasonably cheap (~$180/case delivered) if you look and take advantage of coupon codes and/or sales. POI is the same as my carry ammo, 124-grain +P HST. I've shot both in low-light classes and the NATO-spec stuff is pretty low flash, better than S&B in this regard.

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    Blazer Brass. I carry Speer Gold Dots and unless I misunderstand they're made by the same company so they should have similar performance characteristics.

    The Blazer is cheap
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    I typically use Blazer Brass too. Its inexpensive, readily available in my area, and reliable in my pistols. Ive taken a couple of classes with it and can't recall any ammo related failures with it.

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    Range 147gr. American Eagle
    Carry 147gr. HST
    Never had an issue with either which I purchase by the case.

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    I usually buy Winchester 115 grain because I can sometimes get it for 17 or 18 cents a round on sale at Academy after I pay sales tax

    But last week I bought 2000 rounds of Blazer Brass on line (1000 115 grain and 1000 g147 grain), because there was free shipping and no sales tax. The 115 grain was 17 cents a round and the 147 grain was 18 cents a round. A little cheaper than I can buy at Academy.

    I did notice the nice little round holes with the 147 grain compared to the keyholes with the 115 grain...what's with that ?

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    American Eagle 124 grain if I can get a good deal. I've also bought a fair amount of the 200 rd Federal aluminum case packs that Walmart used to sell.

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    Sellier&Bellot 115gr.

    About $190 shipped from SGA or occasionally about $169 with free shipping when brownells has on sale.

    Great accuracy, pretty clean burning and stupid reliable. Think I'm probably around 10-12 cases and don't recall a single ammo problem. Might be just a bit hotter than other bargain stuff - but re - stupid reliable.
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