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Thread: Spike's Tactical 16" middy upper - Price drop 11/27

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    Spike's Tactical 16" middy upper - Price drop 11/27


    Moving my old 16" upper along as I'm intending to SBR the lower it was on. The upper is complete and functional; I've added a milspec charging handle that doesn't appear in the photos. Not interested in trades or splitting the upper apart.

    $625 shipped for the upper without sights, or $725 with the pictured Troy BUIS. PayPal G&S preferred.

    Upper: Spike's Tactical 16" mid-length 5.56 upper with MPI/HPT phosphate BCG, purchased from AIM in 2010. BCG gas rings have been checked and are GTG. Upper had a fixed FSB that has been removed in favor of a Ballistic Advantage lo-pro .750" gas block, installed by Elite Guns in Austin. Barrel is mil-spec CMV, gov profile, cold hammer forged, chrome lined, and MP tested - please note that this is not an FN barrel, as it predates their partnership. Upper has probably 1,000-1,200 rounds on it. There's a couple of minor marks on the upper itself, one of which I gave a dot of touch-up paint, but nothing too noticeable (see photos).

    Muzzle device: blem Sons of Liberty Gunworks NOX compensator; the "blem" is that the flats for install were milled in at the wrong angle and I think the locking cuts are a couple of degrees off-center, but it's otherwise good to go. Neither of the blems will cause any functional issues and won't be visible with a can installed. Timed, installed with Rocksett, and tested at SOLGW's workshop in San Antonio, hasn't been fired since.

    Rail: CMT Tactical UHPR Mod 1 13.7" - some wear and gouging on a couple of MLOK slots from accessory installs, but nothing that will cause a loss of function. See photos for details.
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    Price drop to $550 without sights, $650 with

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    $525 without sights?


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    Still have this, would prefer not to. Bump.

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    Another price drop - $515 shipped, or $550 shipped with sights. Will also throw in a 4-pack of Railscales HTP Honeycomb panels.

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    I just had a 4th person welch on this (not from here, thankfully) and I'm frankly getting kinda pissed about it.

    $525 shipped with the sights and Railscales panels.

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    Sights have been sold, upper is now $450 shipped.

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