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Thread: Issues feeding with CZ-75 SP-01 Tactical

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    Issues feeding with CZ-75 SP-01 Tactical

    I purchased a new CZ-75 SP-01 Tactical a few months back from a local gun store. Since then I have not been able to run anything reliably through it.

    It usually will jam up at least once a mag. The slide will come back and strip a new round out of the magazine. As the round enters the chamber, the nose of the round will get caught on the top of the chamber and jam up the slide. The round is at such a steep angle that usually I have to remove the magazine and rack the slide to clear it.

    Anything in 115 gr will cause this, fiocchi being the worst offender. That will jam 1-3 times per mag.
    I tried handloading 115 gr bullets and seating them deeper so that the OAL is around 1.150" instead of the spec 1.169". It still jams doing this in the same way, however the round will make it most of the way into the chamber and I can get the slide into battery by just pushing on it with my thumb.

    124 gr blazer does alright although i have had the occasional jam with it. I tried a box of American Eagle 124gr today and had 4 jams out of 50 rounds. It seemed to run Speer lawman alright but i only ran a single mag of that with no issue.

    Is my main spring weight off somehow? Is there anything I can tweak?
    Does anyone have any suggestions to get this gun running reliably?
    I love everything else about it it just jams alot.

    Any input or help would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. Check the barrel throat length and see if it needs to be reamed.

    2. Try some +10 magazine springs from Greg Cote, LLC.

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    If it is that severe I would save yourself the headache and just call CZ USA to take care of it.

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    Do CZ metal guns have more issues than their poly guns do?

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    Check the extractor and the extractor spring. If the gun is new, it would be weird if the extractor is bad but who knows. Stuff happens. Usually it is either extractor or magazines.

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    I shot and competed with a CZ Custon Shadow for 2 years and had about 60k rounds through my main gun. Mine was *very* sensitive to OAL. I cant recall the OAL that Ben Stoeger ultimately recommendef I run, which fixed all problems, but I eventually just started buying ammo from Matt Mink to make sure there were no issues. If you contact Matt Mink, I almost guarantee you that he can get your gun running like a sewing machine.
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    I ran a CZ75B SA for over five years. It had a short throat; I loaded ammo specifically for it, or ran factory 115gr ball, and it ran like said above - a sewing machine. Embarrassed a friend of mine whod spent all kinds of money on an STI 9mm to watch mine gobble up so much cheap ball or my handloads like it was nothing while his STI was so finicky, it had to go back to STI 3 times before it ran acceptably.

    On the other hand, ammo with too long an ogive or OAL would be problematic in my CZ. A lead reload with too long an OAL tied my gun up and when I got the round out, the bullet itself remained jammed into the rifling. Didnt have a ramrod at the range that day, of course. S&W 3rd gens ran that particular batch of ammo with no issues. If Id have kept that CZ (I traded it off for other reasons), Im sure Id have had the chamber reamed by now, if not replaced the whole barrel, to move on from that issue.

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    Those factory mags made by CZ seem to be inferior to those made by Mec Gar. There is a very slight possibility that you have magazine issues. I have owned numerous CZ pistols. In three I had problems like you described. The importer fixed them by replacing the extractor. The company exhibits good customer service.

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    If you bought the gun new and it won't run on factory hardball, it needs to go back to the US distributor for repair, full stop. It should run flawlessly with decent ammo. My two 75Bs have about 12k rounds between them and have had maybe three failures to feed with the round stopping somewhere on the feedramp due probably to insufficient lube, and just needed a bump on the back of the slide to go into battery. That's with factory hardball, factory hollowpoints, and my handloads using FMJ, JHP, LTC and coated LRN bullets with a mix of factory and Mec-Gar magazines.

    Note that guns with lots of frame rail tend to prefer being run fairly wet. If you're lubing it like a Glock or M&P, that might be an issue.

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    Get ahold of CZ and let them fix this. This seems very odd, every CZ I have bought has run like a top. Give them a chance do not waste your money on a smith.

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