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Thread: Springfield Hellcat

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    There’s a lot going on in the Hellcat Facebook page. I’m more then pleased with mine.

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    Hellcat slide stop lever

    Hello everyone, I finally got my Hellcat and after putting about 100 rounds through it I am very happy. But there is one thing I have a question about. The slide stop lever is very stiff and at times too stiff for me to use my thumb to release it. I'm thinking that over time the slide stop lever will become easier to use once the gun is broken in more. Has anyone else experienced this slide stop lever being very stiff/tight? Secondly, I have Glock 23 G4 and I changed out the slide stop lever with one that has a better lip on it for my thumb to grab. Is there a slide stop lever replacement for the Hellcat available?

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Any updates on this?
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    Interested it hearing more personal experiences with these - a friend is considering one for his first and possibly only handgun, and I don’t know enough to be able to give him an opinion. The one I handled in the store seemed fine, and the factory sights were impressive.

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    I had one briefly, the optics ready version. It ran fine through a couple hundred rounds, but the accuracy was lackluster at best, compared to a P365 and G43. I'm also personally not a huge fan of U-notch sights, so that might have contributed to the shooting results. Overall, I didn't find the build quality to be all that great, and just wasn't enamored enough with it to keep it in Covid-panic-buy times.

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    I have almost 1,500rds through mine without a hiccup. There isn’t much special about it regarding the way it shoots though I will say that I prefer it to the P365 as I like the little bigger grip surface. What I like most tho is how it carries. For whatever reason, it seems to carry much smaller than my 43x and, with a TXC X1 holster, doesn’t want to flip out as much as the 43x. With that said, I can shoot the 43x easier. Still nothing competes with my M2.0 shield in the soft shooting category.

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