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Thread: Why didn't I do this sooner? Form 1 rimfire can.

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    Why didn't I do this sooner? Form 1 rimfire can.

    I recently made/bought my first can. I spent today with an M&P15-22, said can, a brick of CCI clean subsonic ammo, and a field of steel plates from 25-175 yards.

    Holy shit. Why didn't I do this sooner?

    I bought the kit from using a discount code from another forum. Total price for their 22 titanium kit with jig was $250. With the tax I'm at $450 all-in. Best part? It took 3 weeks for my e-file Form 1 Trust approval.

    Once the approval came in I drilled the "storage cups" and endcap with the supplied fixture and drill bit. Took about an hour going slow and being deliberate.

    My CZ452 is off at the smith getting cut down and threaded now. On the m&p there is no POI or accuracy change, but that isn't saying much. I'll know more when the CZ is back

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    How quiet is it? Hollywood quiet? Or just hearing safe?

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    Suppressors are one of the shooting related things I am most looking forward to once I move to NH...

    BBI: ...”you better not forget the safe word because shit's about to get weird”...

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